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  1. Overwatch   (2329 visits to this link)

    Consideri că ai fost acuzat pe nedrept de cod? Solicită printr-o cerere opinia Echipei Overwatch!

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  3. OFFICIAL | Regulamente

    ● Regulamentele serverului.
    ● Server rules.

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  4. OFFICIAL | Staff

    ● Echipa administrativa a serverului.
    ● Administrative team of the server.

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  5. OFFICIAL | Aplicatii

    ● Aplicatii admin/slot/Preturi grade.
    ● Admin/slot aplications/Ranks prices.

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  6. OFFICIAL | Reclamaţii

    ● Reclamatii si unban-uri.
    ● Complaints and unbans.

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  7. OFFICIAL | Concursuri

    ● Concursurile serverului.
    ● Server contests.
    In fiecare saptamana! | Every week!

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  8. Propuneri/probleme

    ● Lasa-ne propunerea ta sau ce problema ai intampinat.
    ● Tell us your ideea or the problem you found.

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  9. OFFICIAL | Destindere

    ● Ce muzica asculti? Te uiti la filme/seriale? Hai la vorba!
    ● What music you listen? Do you look at movies/serials? Come to talk!

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  10. OFFICIAL | Zona GFX

    ● Personalizeaza-ti avatarul si semnatura!
    ● Customize your avatar and signature!
    Te asteptăm cu o cerere.

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