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  1. Administration Table

    [RO] Zona de administrare a serverului BIO.INDUNGI.RO - Recomandam citirea zonei periodic pentru modificari sau anunturi!

    [EN] This is the management area for BIO.INDUNGI.RO -  we recommend reading area periodically for changes or announcements!

  2. Asking sector

    [RO] Doresti sa faci o cerere de admin, slot sau unban? Aceasta zona iti este dedicata!

    [EN] Do you want admin, slot or unban? You can ask it here!

  3. Admin's Corner

    [RO] Aceasta zona este dedicata adminilor serverului, pentru evidenta tuturor miscarilor efectuate pe server.

    [EN] This area is dedicated for server admins. Here we can find admin statistics and actions on the server.

  4. Report table

    [RO] In aceasta zona puteti reclama un admin sau un jucator care a incalcat regulamentul!

    [EN] Here you can report a player or admin if this made something wrong!

  5. Free Discussions

    [RO] Tot ce nu s-a discutat mai sus, se poate discuta aici!

    [EN] Everything was not discussed in the rest of the forum, you can discuss here!

  6. Recycle Bin

    [RO] Fiecare subiect inutil sau gresit va fi mutat aici! Nimi nu se sterge!

    [EN] Every wrong or useless subject will be moved here!

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