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    Echipa Overwatch vine cu un concurs. In ce consta acest concurs? Tot ce trebuie sa faceti este sa invitati toti prieteni de pe steam in grupul nostru Overwatch, GRUP STEAM Singura regula este ca fiecare poza sa contina o dovada ca cum ati dat invite prietenului in grup, la cum este update-ul steam-ului nu se mai poate da invitatii sa bifati ca inainte toata lista, este nevoie sa intrati pe profil ca sa puteti da invite in grup. [!]Perioada concursului : - 14.10 - 01.11 (pe data de 01 noiembrie se anunta castigatorii) Premiiile sunt dupa cum urmeaza: -Locul 1: Cont Steam Counter Strike 1.6 + Award Special + 50 like-uri -Locul 2: 25 lei Paysafecard / Award + 3000 ZinTokens + 50 like-uri -Locul 3: Premium 1 luna / Award + 3000 ZinTokens + 50 like-uri Alte premii: Pentru castigatorul primului loc awardul: "Steam OverWatch winner" Pentru cei clasati pe locul 2 si 3 awardul: "Cupa Overwatch" Pentru toti participanti ce au trimis peste 5-10 invitatii:"Am invitat, am castigat!" Ce aveti voi de facut? Invitati-va toti prietenii in grupul STEAM! Dovada(print-screen) trebuie lasata in acest topic, numele de pe forum si link profil steam. Nick: Cont Steam(link): Dovada: 1. Puteti discuta cu alte persoane sa trimita invitatii, iar voi sa postati pentru ei(o sa se contorizeze drept invitatie din partea celui ce posteaza). 2. Dovada invitatiei trebuie sa arate asa: CLICK AICI. (obligatoriu sa contina: numele contului steam) 3. Conteaza ca cel putin 5-10 persoane sa fie invitate. 4. Cine are cele mai multe invitatii trimise castiga locurile 1-2-3. Concurs sustinut de catre echipa OverWatch! *conform eventului din grup, "Invite Friends = 50 Like pe indungi!", voi acorda fiecarei persoane si cate 10 puncte de reputatie. ATENTIE!: Premiile se vor acorda in maxim 48 de ore de la incheierea concursului.
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    Nick: R3b3ll!0n^ Cont Steam(link): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122985444/ Dovada: 50 https://imgur.com/a/oLzDvyI
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    We romanians are poor. We can't afford to give prizes in any way that involves our own pockets. We're poor, under-IQ'd and Dumnezeu fearing people. All our money goes to food and religion. That's why we build massive cathedrals and a million churches, like Dracula's gonna' suck our whole blood someday. Beside being poor, we are also cheap. And we steal things. If you're getting morally conflicted with "stealing" and "God", usually after we do a crime, we say "Doamne Ajuta! (sa nu ma prinda)". No one is gonna admit that of course, cuz we are proud too, but we usually rob banks, ATMs, gundown Cora cashiers or steal pens and capace de roti. On a daily basis. We also have this transportation line, called STB, in which case you get robbed after someone is sticking his finger up your bum. Probably someone here already sent you a message asking for lending him some money, or a steam account. Or a prepaid phone sim recharge, cuz no more minute. Usually boys ask for money and games and the girls ask for minute. @Jσσsh. ▲ is the only one on this topic who can probably sustain this gifts and prizes. And that's because we didnt manage to get to him, yet. You see, he's not from around here.... BTW: From today, 10.10.2019, we also have no Government. So imagine the things we can do...
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    Hi Everybody! Welcome to DCEU (DC Extended Universe) Popularity Contest devoted to the characters from American comic books by DC comics. Tell me in the comments if you want to tag you in the future battles The Rules are simple: -Two characters are randomly chosen from the list and you vote for the character you like more. -You need to make your answer clear (name and why). -If you don't know the characters its fine, you can choose one just by looking at the cover battle. -Voting takes 7 days and then i will post another battle. -If you're answer is similar to the winning character 10 times you are awarded with our special (DCEU Award) Let the contest begin! ***** ROUND 1: OCEAN MASTER VS VIXEN My vote here goes for Ocean Master , i like his suit TAGS: @Apex / @Gabriel @Indungi / @Ash Sorin / ღCatalinaღ / @Tweedle / @Jσσsh. ▲ / @lover; / @teroristul22 / @Nehedes / @Calin#InDunGi / @Cosmιɴα @ INDUNGI / @Mr.JoJo. / @Blacky / @*Costy / @LuffY king of sea / @007 ✔
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    Oferta: FlamingHost FiveM Mod: RolePlay Numar sloturi: 32 DNS: Indungi Romania RolePlay (GTA 5 FiveM - Nu necesita DNS) Caut: Scripteri Ofer: Acces FTP & Game Contact: Forum PM / Acest topic. Caut cateva persoane care sa ma ajute la scriptarea unui server de FiveM. Modul serverului va fi "Real life simulator" si am nevoie de cateva persoane care sa ma ajute in rezolvarea unor mici lucruri (in special un telefon si factiunile). Serverul ruleaza pe vRP.
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