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  1. cosminel where is server


  2. Pls cosminel plz you accept my request plz


  3. Si mai exact care??? folosind VPN-ul ala...isi ia ip de romania...de ce vrea.
  4. Rejected No read the rules. You don't know password on rules. T. C
  5. Rejected No read the rules. You don't know password on rules. T. C
  6. Ce server deții? CS:GO , 1.6 : BestZm.Indungi.Ro Ce resursă dorești pentru server? : Un plugin de distruger mult mai avansat Alte precizări: Am pe server amx_pika,amx_eradicate si nu sunt bune....am probleme cu 3 algerieni care tot intra cu speedHack si nu pot scapa de iei. Voloseste VPN si tot intra. Am incercat si addban la STEAM id nimic. Daca folosesc comanda de ban pe o mapa imi blocheaza si acces la addban pe ip,trebuie sa schimb harta ca sa am acces la BAN. O solutie careva si pentru mine??? Va rog :(
  7. Acceptat Pm nick ,parola ,tag si citeste regulamentul t.C
  8. Rejected You need admin first. t.C
  9. CoZmYn

    V ~ I ~ P

    If you want VIP on the server, you can make a request in this section. MODEL: Nick game: Payment method: What package do you want (1 week, 1 month or 3 month): Benefits: VIP tag in TAB VIP Skin 4 Maximum JUMPS 200 Armor[] 500 Health[] Double Damage[] Prices & periods: Big package [Armor + Health + Maximum Jumps + Double Damage + VIP tag in TAB + VIP Skin + VIP on both servers] - 10 Euro Month Big Package 1 Week - 5 Euros 1 Months - 10 Euros 3 Months - 25 Euros PayPal : Click on this link to donate: https://www.paypal.me/tutzucosmin OR IBAN: RO58BTRL01601201N54134XX - RON RO70BTRLEURCRT00N5413401 - EURO
  10. Posting model after boosting the server: Nick: Time: Site: Proof: Contact method: Daily/Weekly/Monthly boost? : Other informations: Boosting is a temporary method to increase the quantity of players on our server; Purchasing boosting for our server can be charged as payment for your server rank; Sites order will be based on their quality, even so there is to guarantee of the fact that a site is weaker than other(during night-time a site can provide more players than the first one); Blue bars represents the report between quantity of players during the morning and during day light/night time(having more blue means there is a great quantity of players during night/morning); Green bars represents the report of total connected players from that site. gametracker.rs ■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■ (Qualitative during day time, but somehow weak a few hours during morning) Here you can check our server: https://www.gametracker.rs/server_info/ To see the boosting list click: Your boost will be the first(or better said the latest) from that list. Press click on the name you have written(name from the SMS you've sent will be the same in the list) and provide us the link(the link will be the proof of the boost) How do i boost?: Send SMS at the number: based on your country selection Form of the message: TXT GTRS AdressIP Name Exemplu mesaj: TXT GTRS Your Name Price: €1.00 + TVA
  11. Accepted as Helper PM nick,pass,tag and read the rules t.C
  12. Follow this Model Or your Request Will be Rejected Direct ¤ Nickname: ¤ New Tag: ¤ Link of Your Last Request:

Despre noi

Suntem o comunitate aparuta in anul 2010 ce are ca scop sa prezinte si sa aduca in calculatoarele voastre socializare, competitie, public si foarte multa actiune. Alatura-te celor 200.000 de membri iar impreuna vom dezvolta cat mai mult termenul de 'comunitate'

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