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  1. AuthmE

    Predicții AuthmE

    Campionat: NBA Meci: Golden State Warriors - Houston Rockets Ora/Data: 15.11 Predictie: Golden State Warriors Cota: - Comentarii: - Campionat: NBA Meci: San Antonio Spurs - LA Clippers Ora/Data: 15.11 Predictie: San Antonio Spurs Cota: - Comentarii: -
  2. Yes mate, u are next
  3. AuthmE

    Predicții AuthmE

    Cei din Philadelphia au pierdut, restul echipelor de la predictii au castigat.
  4. 1. I like fish 2. I'm not in love 3. I have 1.85 cm
  5. [News] In aceasta seara, Jimmy Butler, va debuta in meciul contra lui Orlando Magic, jucatorul celor de la 76ers este pregatit sa conduca echipa spre Finala NBA!
  6. AuthmE

    Predicții AuthmE

    Campionat: NBA Meci: Philadelphia 76ers - Orlando Magic Ora/Data: 14.11 Predictie: Philadelphia 76ers Cota: - Comentarii: - Campionat: NBA Meci: Cleveland Cavaliers - Washington Wizards Ora/Data: 14.11 Predictie: Washington Wizards Cota: - Comentarii: - Campionat: NBA Meci: Chicago Bulls - Boston Celtics Ora/Data: 14.11 Predictie: Boston Celtics Cota: - Comentarii: - Campionat: NBA Meci: Portland Trail Blazers - Los Angeles Lakers Ora/Data: 14.11 Predictie: Los Angeles Lakers Cota: - Comentarii: -
  7. AuthmE

    Predicții AuthmE

    Charlotte Hornets au pierdut in fata celor din Cleveland
  8. [Q] How it works ? [A] - I'll leave a blurry picture of some game, using the powers of your mind and your knowledge, basically you should tell me which game is in the picture. [M] - MODEL: Name of the Game: How did you found: >> Only 1 post per member; >> All forum rules apply (double-post / post-hunt); >> Forbidden to edit the post; >> Posts that do not follow the model will be disqualified. I M A G E B E L L O W Prizes: >> 1 point for award and contest [20 euros] >> 5 Victory in all mini-games: >> 10 Victory in all mini-games: >> 20 Victory in all the mini games: Special Award Games Specialist + 20 Euros. Good luck :) //@Roxanne. / @Stendhal ☺ / @Alex xD / @Bonzo / @LuffY king of sea / @Kojac / @M00D / @a r t h u r / @VLAADONE × / @Hardwell◦ / @myCro / @Arrow ➼ / @brightside / @PuFuL3T3 / @spaniuuk / @EarTh Jr / @Arvin / @[VIP]BooM FCRB / @Rugged. / @Morphi / @cods / @zewJB / @Ancaa. / @lime* / @teroristul22 / @FloriN # SUPREME / @ExE.aim? / @Calin#InDunGi / @MadaLinIulian / @D@VID / @/Shadow / @Robert.06
  9. [News] Caris LeVert s-a accidentat seara trecuta in meciul cu Minnesota Timberwolves (jucatorul fiind roaster al echipei din Brooklyn, si anume Nets). Toti jucatorii din NBA i-au fost alaturi rugandu-se pentru el. Caris, a debutat excelent pana acum cu echipa Nets, avand 20 de puncte pe meci, 5 asisturi si 5 recuperari, avand o performanta datorita acestei veri in care a pus o masa musculara consistenta si a antrenamentelor pt tehnica individuala depusa.
  10. AuthmE

    Predicții AuthmE

    Campionat: NBA Meci: Charlotte Hornets - Cleveland Cavaliers Ora/Data: 13.11 Predictie: Charlotte Hornets Cota: - Comentarii: - Campionat: NBA Meci: Houston Rockets - Denver Nuggets Ora/Data: 13.11 Predictie: Houston Rockets Cota: - Comentarii: - Campionat: NBA Meci: Atlanta Hawks - Golden State Warriors Ora/Data: 13.11 Predictie: Golden State Warriors Cota: - Comentarii: -
  11. AuthmE

    Predicții AuthmE

    Doar Philadelphia 76ers a reusit sa castige aseara.
  12. ABSENT, din cauza celor 2 absențe acumulate, vei fi EXMATRICULAT!

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