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  1. :)) Poate pe viitor ma voi apuca si de niste jocuri mai noi :D
  2. Mi-am luat acel i5 9400f cu rtx 2070, in cs am doar 150- 180 fpsuri, daca as luat un i7 cu un 1060 6gb dat fiind ca solicita mai mult procesorul la cs, voi avea mai multe?
  3. Nu ar trebui sa pun un gpu cooler? Sau sunt bune alea ce vin incorporate?
  4. Fara monitor @cods, astept ceva si de la tine :)
  5. Bugetul maxim (informatie necesara pentru gasirea unor componente potrivite): 5000 de lei Perioada achizitiei (pot aparea reduceri de care nici sa nu stiti): Probabil luna asta Modul de intrebuintare al sistemului (gaming, programare, s.a.m.d): gaming Vei face overclocking in viitor? (overclocking-ul este facut doar de catre cei experimentati, informati-va inainte sa raspundeti): Nu stiu Configuratia trebuie sa contina si monitor? (daca nu, precizeaza rezolutia maxima a monitorului detinut si spune-ne daca doresti sa-l schimbi in viitor): 1920, 16:9 Doresti includerea in buget si a unor periferice? (mouse, tastatura, boxe, etc): Vrei sa pastrezi o componenta de la vechiul sistem? Daca da, care?: Doresc la el să-mi ducă CS:GO 300+ FPS-uri, vreau sa fie constante si sa nu scada sub 200.
  6. Salut, te rog sa faci un screenshot cum ca detii acest cont de steam si aceste jocuri, ai timp 24h la dispozitie! Cu stima, AuthmE
  7. Salut, te rog sa ne oferi un screenshot prin care sa vedem cum ca detii acest cont de steam, pe langa acest lucru, te rog sa ne oferi si un link catre contul tau de steam. Cu stima, AuthmE
  8. Salut, pentru a evita orice fel de discutii, te voi ruga sa faci un screenshot (cu PrtSc, buton), iar apoi deschizi Paint si apesi Ctrl + V, le salvezi si le urci pe www.imgur.com. Cu stima, AuthmE
  9. Salut, te rog sa faci o poza prin care sa arati ca detii aceste conturi, ai 24h la dispozitie sa faci acest lucru! Cu stima, AuthmE
  10. AuthmE


    Salut, @BNN, te rog să ne oferi link către steam-ul tău, cât și o poză cum că deții acel produs. Am rugămintea de a nu se mai posta in acest topic, deoarece aveți metode de contact. In cazul unei inșelătorii, puteți face o reclamație! Cu stima, AuthmE
  11. Release Notes for 5/16/2019 2019.05.16 - [MISC] – Added normal maps to M4A1-S | Basilisk, FAMAS | Djinn, and Desert Eagle | Naga – Fixed players getting stuck on self-destructing drones. – Optimized the algorithm processing in-game friends list rich presence. – Optimized the algorithm loading favorite events for users.
  12. Release Notes for 5/14/2019 2019.05.14 - [ DANGER ZONE ] – Unlocked Drone Pilot Tablet, Bonus Wave Money, Bonus Explore Money, and Armor+Helmet as starting item options. – Drone Pilot upgrade is now available for purchase in the Tablet Buy Menu. – Tasers will now always open the crate they are fired at; they no longer sometimes do partial crate damage. – Shields dropped from death have a slight delay before being automatically picked by nearby players. – Fixed some instances of safe models spawning in midair. – Fixed item outline colors on dropped grenades. – Map collision fixes and stuck spot removals, and a few visual bugs squashed too. [ GAMEPLAY ] – Loss bonus money will now always step down to $2,900 after a team with a $3,400 max loss bonus streak wins a round. [ UI ] – Introducing the “Looking to Play” feature: players can now advertise themselves as available for party invites, can be invited by other parties from the “Looking to Play” tab of their CS:GO friends list, and can accept party invites from the CS:GO main menu. – Introducing CS:GO Events: players can now see an HLTV-provided schedule of professional LAN events in the Watch tab. Favorite your preferred community tournaments and get notified about professional live matches on the CS:GO main menu. [ MISC ] – Friends and other players can no longer join lobbies that already entered matchmaking queue. – Fixed exploits related to vote commands. [ MAPS ] – Latest updates to community maps Ruby and Workout. Ruby: – Minor bug fixes – Clean up – Added setdressing – Added boost in Alley – Added boost spot in mid for Ts – Overall gameplay tweaks – Trimmed excessive areas – Improved overall gameplay flow – Large changes to mid to improve flow – Rerouted alley from A main to mid – Removed ladder bug – Removed pixel walk Workout: – Fixed boosting into the hole in Kids Zone – Deleted a rogue spawn point – Fixed some shadow issues in the court area – Brightened the shower area slightly [ SDK ] – VBSP: Fixed a rare bug in displacement physics hull generation during map compilation that could result in large gaps near the edges of completely flat displacement surfaces.
  13. [Remove] @Atte - Quiz Series & Films [Films and Series] & Instagram Social - Reason: Retirement @Sebby <3 - Social & TeamSpeak3 [Social] & IOTW (Interview of the Week) - Reason: Retirement @prometeus - World of Games & Films and Series [with Atte Lee] - Reason: Inactivity @eXiloññ - World of Games [Click] - Reason: Inactivity
  14. Release Notes for 5/7/2019 2019.05.07 - [DANGER ZONE] – Unlocked Ballistic Shield, Firebombs, and C4 as deployment perks. [MISC] – Fixed SVG files to load with consistent dimensions in different resolutions. – Fixed a minor regression caused by molotov bouncing off sky surfaces. – Fixed several exploits. [MAPS] Train: – Fixed spot where players could get hung up on train near A main. – Fixed ladder on train closest to lower B entrance not being shift-walkable. – Fixed some minor gaps in train cars. Sirocco: – Added info_paradrop_denial entities to prevent paradrops from landing on top of the Kasbah towers. – Fixed wall in Kasbah where bump mines fell through. – Fixed hole in world at the bottom of the stepwell. – Covered up a missing texture with roof edge models in the Kasbah. – Added additional detail to some roof areas.

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