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  1. Ho, ho, ho!

    Acordat in urma concursului de sarbatori, avand mai mult de 10 like-uri la o postare.

  2. 5 Mini Games Won

    Winner at least  5 Mini Games

  3. Bwhahahaha!

    Castigator a concursului Halloween!

  4. OW Academy Silver Award

    Award detinut de catre elevii ce au promovat Overwatch Academy.

  5. Participant Miss & Mister Îndungi România 2018

    Acordat in urma participarii la Miss & Mister Indungi Romania 2018, avand mai mult de 15 like-uri.

  6. Cupa Overwatch

    Cupa detinuta de participantii concursurilor Overwatch.


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