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  1. Cand faci orele faci o noua cerere, pana atunci RESPINS. T/C.
  2. Acceptat, astept datele in pm. T/C.
  3. Acceptat, astept datele in pm T/C.
  4. v1- eu v2- Flor. (winner) Se poate da TC
  5. Update: Sorry folks, but FDG Entertainment has confirmed that Quackshots is in fact an April Fool's joke. The reason it looks so legit is that the materials were part of an actual game pitch, but FDG couldn't get the license from Disney. So it did this instead. Original story: Game Atelier and FDG Entertainment, the developer and publisher of Monster Boy, are now working on a new DuckTales game, apparently. DuckTales Quackshots features Donald and his nephews jumping around the world, exploring ruins and platforming, but given the date it might not be a good idea to take this at face value. April 1 is the worst day for news writers, and just generally, and you can't trust anything you see today. That said, this would be a really weird gag—there's no joke, just a welcome surprise. I'm leaning towards legit. QuackShot Starring Donald Duck is a 1991 Mega Drive platformer, and it's not entirely clear if DuckTales QuackShots is a sequel or a remake. The extra 's' suggests and absence of the 'remastered' label suggests the former, though the screenshots are definitely attempting to evoke the original. They also look great! Check them out below. Source: PCGamer
  6. Totally Reliable Delivery Service launched on the Epic Games Store today, and if frivolous physics madness is what you're after, it looks pretty good. Andy described it as "Goat Simulator crossed with UPS" which sounds annoying, but it only takes watching some footage (see below) to be convinced that it'd make a helluva game to boot up with friends. Imagine Just Cause, except you're making deliveries. As it turns out, there's no barrier to entry, because the game is entirely free. In a surprise move, the Epic Games Store is offering it on a free-to-keep basis until April 9. It's very unusual for a brand new game to launch like this, so go nuts, I guess. The game supports both local and online multiplayer, and collaborative chaos seems to be the game's strong suit. The game's "unpredictable ragdoll physics" benefits from the presence of all kinds of vehicles, ranging choppers through buggies (and fire hydrants), and there's every chance the open world will distract you from the important business of delivering customers their goods. But screw the customers, I say. Let's go do some jumps. Here's the launch trailer: Source: PCGamer
  7. Every year, Bethesda holds an E3 press conference (technically pre-E3, but that's hardly a distinction worth making anymore) where it talks about what sorts of things it will be getting up to in the coming year and beyond. Sometimes it's a relatively in-depth presentation of upcoming releases, and other times it's just some music and a title and everyone goes nuts. With the cancellation of E3 this year because of the coronavirus outbreak, some developers and publishers are moving to online-only presentations for media and the public, and with gamers eager to hear more about Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, there was some hope that Bethesda might do one of its own. Unfortunately, it will not: Bethesda's vice president of marketing Pete Hines said on Twitter today that the company has things to talk about, but it won't be doing it in an online showcase. Both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 were announced two years ago, at E3 2018. Virtually nothing has been said about either of them since, but Bethesda's chief software engineer Todd Howard said at the time that Starfield had been in "active development" for a couple of years at that point and was in a "playable" state, so hopes were high that this could be the year we'd finally get a proper look. Neither game currently has a public release target, although we know TES6 will come later: Bethesda's priority is Starfield, and work on the new Elder Scrolls won't kick into top gear until after Starfield comes out. Source: PCGamer
  8. When Rogue Legacy first released in 2013, the world wasn't quite as awash in roguelite platformers as it is now. I reinstalled it a few months ago, and can gladly confirm that it wasn't novelty that carried it to success back then: it's a genuinely fun take on the formula, and the randomised character loadouts still manage to surprise and amuse. So it's good news that studio Cellar Door Games appears to be teasing a sequel. The studio posted the following tweet earlier today, seemingly confirming a full announcement for tomorrow: Any other day you'd consider it a dead certainty, but today is April Fools day, albeit past the usual deadline for all the tedious frivolity. Announcing things that people really want, and then backtracking in the name of humour, isn't what I'd call hilarious. Though tell that to the studio behind Monster Boy, which announced a fake Ducktales game earlier today. I didn't laugh. Source: PCGamer
  9. Numele celui pe care îl provoci: @Flor. Text: battle Tipul lucrării (semnătură/avatar/banner/userbar/logo): avatar Tema lucrării: Dimensiune: 150x250 Finalizare (voturi): 5 Suma tokens(optional): 1000 Alte aspecte: succes

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