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  1. Fall Guys' community director previously teased that work on Season 3 was underway, and now the official Twitter account has announced the theme of the bumble royale's third season: winter. Fans came across the theme via pieces of a literal puzzle—under the hashtag #JigSawus, 300 twitter users were sent a piece of the promo image, which they then put together to reveal the winter theme. The puzzle assembly even turned into a small race between Twitter users and members of the official Fall Guys Discord. Further info on the new season has yet to be revealed, but the image teases some appropriately wintry new costumes like a penguin and a snowman and a new mini-game in which players jump through holes in a moving board. Fall Guys' second season launched in October with a medieval theme, but many fans were disappointed with the small number of new games. Since then, Mediatonic has hired more team members to help cope with the large demand for the game, and said that Season 3 would definitely be bigger than Season 2 as a result. Fall Guys is currently discounted as part of the Steam Autumn sale, for this and more great deals check our favourite games from the sale. Source: PCGamer
  2. Do PC gamers ever feel like second-class citizens when confronted with something that says “Designed for Xbox” but merely “Windows 10 Compatible”? Well Razer has a new gamepad out, the Wolverine V2, and it’s both of those things. It’s also “Reforged to bring swift victory”, one of the greatest pieces of PR nonsense we’ve seen in a long time. Presumably trying to attract the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla demographic with such a flyte-worthy boast, the rhetoric takes a neck-snapping turn East with the announcement of the pad’s Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons and D-Pad. We’re picturing giant Viking robots battling against the Tokyo skyline, and like what we see. Those buttons have a 0.65mm actuation point and a three-million-tap lifespan, if you’re still bothered about the pad. The Wolverine (now the robots are Canadian, with giant metal claws) is a wired pad with ergonomic design features, including L-shaped hand grips and non-slip rubbery bits (nope, not going there). It’s a pretty nice looking pad, very reminiscent of the new Xbox Series X pad in layout, but with a couple of extra buttons near the triggers that can be remapped. The Razer Controller Setup app for Windows and Xbox lets you create custom button profiles, as well as assign buttons to alter the sensitivity of the thumb sticks on the fly while gaming. Slide-locks on the base of the pad alter the travel distance of the triggers, and there’s a 3.5mm headphone socket too. So we’ll forgive you, Wolverine V2, for merely being ‘compatible’ with our PCs, and go back to imagining those robots. Now where were we? Source: PCGamer
  3. MudRunner, one of the best games to relax to while you're stuck at home, is free on the Epic Games Store from today. Before MudRunner, I associated the word "offroad" with racing games. No one races in MudRunner. In MudRunner, you drive, and sometimes you don't even do that much. This is the second part in the "Spintires trilogy", which began with Oovee Game Studios' Spintires, before lead designer Pavel Zagrebelnyy started working at Saber Interactive, where he developed MudRunner as a "spinoff". MudRunner was succeeded by SnowRunner this year. I've said it before, mudrunning is a lifestyle. This is a game for a certain type of audience—we may have called it 'ultra niche' before—mostly because the concept sounds like something that has no right to be fun: you drive an old, unwieldy truck loaded with logs across hills, through forests and through the aforementioned mud to its destination. To work out where you're going, you've got nothing but a map and a compass. It isn't much on paper, but it's a good mix of slow, meditative driving through the Siberian mountains and situations that test your patience due to the game's complex physics. If things are too frustrating or slow for you, try the multiplayer—with friends to help you any task turns into good co-op fun. MudRunner is free on the Epic Games Store from November 26 to December 3 at 7:00 AM PT / 4:00 PM BST. Source: PCGamer
  4. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries launched on the Epic Games Store on December 10, 2019, meaning that after the usual one-year exclusivity period it would be eligible for release on other platforms on December 10, 2020. But something else is happening on that day that you may have heard about—Cyberpunk 2077, in case that's not clear—and that's led Piranha Games to push the launch onto other storefronts, and the Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC, into 2021. "Any developer wants their titles to get as much attention as possible, and obviously sharing a release date with Cyberpunk was less than optimal," the studio said. "Day one sales and marketing are so important to a successful product launch, and we believe that rescheduling our release date will allow MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries to have the opportunity and attention it deserves." In light of that, Piranha has decided to wait until spring 2021 and then drop everything, everywhere—including consoles—at the same time. "The combined release on Steam, GoG, EGS, Microsoft Store, and Xbox consoles will give us more exposure and a broader reach than we've ever had before. We will capitalize on this increased exposure with our largest marketing initiative to date, bringing as many new eyes to the MechWarrior franchise as possible," the studio said. "This will give us more time to add improvements and quality of life features to the base game, including AI, UI, art, customization, and content. We will continue to tune the single player campaign and new career modes, making running your Mercenary Unit the most rewarding experience possible." Piranha acknowledged that the delay will be disappointing for fans waiting to buy MechWarrrior 5 somewhere other than Epic, but rescheduling the launch was really the only thing it could do. Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be a behemoth—it already is, really—and CD Projekt recommitted to the release date in a financial report released yesterday. Simply put, it's going to absolutely swamp any mid-tier games that launch or try to reach a broader audience around that time, which is why so many projects, including The Medium, Everspace 2, and the next big Path of Exile update, have also moved out of the way. On the upside, Piranha said that the additional time to work on it, backed by increased resources arising from its recent acquisition by Swedish videogame co-op Enad Global 7, will make the wait worthwhile. It also promised that the delay will have no impact on MechWarrior Online, and "will likely benefit MWO in the long run by bringing more eyes to our multiplayer PvP MechWarrior experience." Piranha added that it "should be well on our way towards implementing significant updates to MWO, including exciting improvements to the new player experience," when MechWarrior 5 launches on Steam and other platforms. Source: PCGamer
  5. Right on schedule, the Epic Game Store's Black Friday Sale is now live. There are no special giveaways in this one, and it's a much simpler affair that the Steam Autumn Sale that went live yesterday: There's nothing going on here but deals. Since Epic is getting right down to business, so will I, with a few suggestions to get you started: Control Ultimate Edition - $20 (50 percent off) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - $24 (60 percent off) Hitman Game of the Year Edition - $12 (80 percent off) Shenmue 3 - $17 (66 percent off) Vampyr - $10 (75 percent off) Watch Dogs 2 - $12 (80 percent off) Overcooked - $ (75 percent off) Ghost Recon Wildlands - $15 (75 percent off, and yes, this is the good one) The Talos Principle - $4 (90 percent off) Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - $14 (60 percent off) Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment - $4.50 (85 percent off) There's also a bunch of Assassin's Creed games on sale, seven Jackbox Party Packs, all the Far Cry games, and quite a lot more. It's not as expansive as Steam's current sale (which makes sense, given Epic's very different approach toward curation) but it's a good mix of big-budget and indie stuff. And while it's not directly related to the sake, there is free stuff to be had: The excellent offroad driving sim Mudrunner is now free for the week. The Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale runs until December 3. Source: PCGamer
  6. Your forum name: CatalinaD Your 1 pick: A2 Your 2 pick: B4 Your 3 pick: D3
  7. UPDATE - 26/11/2020 ----------------------------------- # Animes Versus (forum) Anime Versus #2 (The Seven Deadly Sins) ( CLICK HERE ) ( 29.09.20 - 06.10.20 ) ( OFF ) # Films and Series (forum) DCEU Character Popularity Contest [3] ( CLICK HERE ) ( 24.08.20 - 31.08.20 ) ( OFF ) OSCAR Popularity Contest [2] ( CLICK HERE ) ( 06.10.20 - 12.10.20 ) ( OFF ) Movie of the Month [2] ( CLICK HERE ) ( 03.11.20 - 10.10.20 ) ( OFF ) Marvel Universe Versus [2] ( CLICK HERE ) ( 10.08.20 - 17.08.20 ) ( OFF ) TV Show Popularity Contest [2] ( CLICK HERE ) ( 04.09.20 - 11.09.20 ) ( OFF ) # Music Station (forum) Video Music Awards Game ( CLICK HERE ) ( xx.xx.xx - xx.xx.xx ) ( OFF ) Who's better? ( CLICK HERE ) ( 16.08.20 - 22.08.20 ) ( OFF ) Music Versus ( CLICK HERE ) ( 09.11.20 - 15.11.20 ) ( OFF ) # Competitions (forum) Championship International ( CLICK HERE ) ( 16.03.20 - 05.05.20 ) ( OFF ) MegaSena Contest #04 ( CLICK HERE ) ( 31.07.20 - 06.08.20 ) ( OFF ) 100.000 TOKENS Quina Contest #04 ( CLICK HERE ) ( 08.08.20 - 14.08.20 ) ( OFF ) 70.000 TOKENS LottoEasy Contest #04 ( CLICK HERE ) ( 16.08.20 - 22.08.20 ) ( OFF ) 60.000 TOKENS # Mini-Games (forum) What game is this? ( CLICK HERE ) ( 24.11.20 - 29.11.20 ) ( ON ) Hunting Words ( CLICK HERE ) ( 24.11.20 - 29.11.20 ) ( ON ) Scratch Card ( CLICK HERE ) ( 24.11.20 - 29.11.20 ) ( ON ) Looking for the House card ( CLICK HERE ) ( 24.11.20 - 29.11.20 ) ( ON ) What's in the chest? ( CLICK HERE ) ( 24.11.20 - 29.11.20 ) ( ON ) Mystery Object ( CLICK HERE ) ( 24.11.20 - 29.11.20 ) ( ON ) Spot The Difference ( CLICK HERE ) ( 24.11.20 - 29.11.20 ) ( ON )
  8. By and large, the games industry's been having a tough ol' time adjusting to life under the Covid-19 pandemic. But shifting to remote work hasn't come without its upsides. Now, Japanese publisher Square Enix has announced that it plans to let employees work from home as a permanent option. Now, the coronavirus pandemic has done a number on the games biz, with a third of developers reporting the outbreak had delayed their games back in summer. As expected, many (including Square Enix) chose to ditch offices in favour of living rooms. We saw Bungie roll out "developer-grade" laptops to keep Destiny 2's plans on track—but even with high-end gear at home, everyone from Blizzard to Failbetter had to come to terms with the strange new normal of developing games from their living rooms. But adjusting to remote work didn't come without upsides, and some are now considering keeping these measures running permanently. Speaking in an extremely corporate announcement post, Square Enix notes that this whole remote work lark may do more than than just keep employees from getting sick—and that starting December 1st, folks will be able to choose where they wish to work. "Rather than utilizing work from home solely as a means of preventing infections during the current pandemic, the Company will establish it as a permanent and core program among the working styles it accommodates. In so doing, the Company hopes not only to create a flexible and diverse working environment, but also to further bolster productivity and help employees achieve the optimal work-life balance." That doesn't mean that the Squenix office will be left completely vacant, mind. Staff will be assigned as "home-based" or "office-based", with the expectation that this may change from month to month. For practical or security reasons, some work will still need to be done on-site. Even so, the publisher reckons about 80% of staff will be working remotely during the program's first month. Square Enix isn't alone, either. Back in October, Microsoft similarly announced that it was rethinking how it approached workspaces, noting that remote work should now be considered a new standard for most roles. Working from home ain't for everyone, mind. My partner and I both hate it, for what it's worth. But it's good to see development open up in this way, a move towards accessibility for people who, for whatever reason, would rather not commute into a busy office five days a week. Who knows. Someone may be cobbling together Final Fantasy 16's most emotionally gut-wrenching moment from their bedroom as we speak. Source: PCGamer
  9. It's probably safe to say Marvel's Avengers hasn't been the superpowered success story Square Enix hoped it to be. Now, following the publisher's quarterly financials, it seems the Crystal Dynamics punch-up has yet to even recoup its own developments costs—but Square aren't ready to give up on the hero brawler just yet. That news comes courtesy of a translated transcription of Square Enix's latest financial results Q&A, which saw company president Yosuke Matsuda respond to reports that the publisher suffered a seven billion yen operating loss between April and September this year—the period in which Square launched their licensed Avengers looter-puncher. "Absent factors associated with “Marvel’s Avengers,” the sub-segment would have been in the black," Matsuda said, suggesting that they would have turned a profit if not for Avengers. "In addition to the amortization of that game’s development costs, another significant factor associated with the title was the fact that we undertook a major advertising campaign at the time of its launch to make up for delays in our marketing efforts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic." Later, when more directly confronted with Avengers' underperformance, Matsuda adds that they "engaged in ample preparations ahead of the launch, but it is true that there were aspects in which we were wanting." Matsuda reckons there's still hope for the beleaguered game, though. Going into the next quarter, Square's "first and foremost" intention is to push sales of the game with new hero Kate Bishop arriving next month, and next-gen console releases due sometime in the new year. Marvel's Avengers isn't a terrible game, by any means. But it desperately wants to be a years-long time sink of a live-service game, a lofty goal that ultimately hinders what could have been a perfectly good single-player Ms Marvel game. "If Marvel’s Avengers wants to keep loyalists sweet and expand its player-base, it needs a lot more flesh on its vibranium skeletal armature," Robert Zak wrote in his Marvel's Avengers review. "If only the game could carry some of its narrative prowess from the campaign over into the endgame." Source: PCGamer
  10. When Embracer Group, the parent company of THQ Nordic, acquired Metro series developer 4A Games, it was known the studio would be working on the next Metro title. Today marks the 10th anniversary of Metro 2033's release, and to celebrate 4A has put together a neat timeline in the form of a metro map, for both books and games, and revealed a little more about the next entry in the series. In a blog post 4A writes "It’s no secret that we have already started work on the next Metro game. Using everything we’ve learned from the last 15 years, we’ve set our sights even higher – the next title is being built for Gen 9 consoles and PC, with a complete overhaul of our engine and renderer. "First – we’re committed to delivering a great story driven single player experience; this is what the Metro series is founded on. As a studio, we want to constantly push ourselves to create bigger and better games, but we also listen to what the fans are saying, and we know what’s important to you." The ultimate reassurance about the singleplayer story already exists. Late last year Metro's creator and author Dmitri Glukhovsky posted Metro Exodus art with an overwritten 'TBC', adding in the caption that he was "working on the story." Singleplayer is something of a preamble to the big push and the big concern about the next Metro title: multiplayer. 4A Games says it has always had the ambition of some form of Metro multiplayer, though as a smaller studio "our ideas have never made it beyond the prototype phase. But with Saber’s experience in online gaming, we are now actively exploring multiplayer concepts that will offer a new way to experience the world of Metro." The post does not go into detail on what exact form multiplayer might take in Metro, instead focusing on allaying concerns that its introduction may compromise the atmosphere and world-building that makes these games special. "We’re not looking at multiplayer as a box-ticking exercise, or to jump on some trend or bandwagon. As creators, we want to explore a multiplayer experience that makes complete sense in the Metro universe. "We’re also committed to ensuring that whatever we do, it’s not to the detriment of our single-player ambitions [...] Additionally, a reminder that it’s still early days – none of the thoughts above mean that the next Metro game will be multiplayer only; or that the next game will have single and multi-player in the same package. We are still figuring things out, but know that we are absolutely committed to more single-player, story driven experiences in the Metro universe that our fans have come to know and love." The intent may be to reassure players, but it may have been better to keep schtum until there is some idea of how multiplayer might work. Personally I hope it goes the co-op PvE route: I wouldn't mind exploring post-apocalyptic Russia with some comrades. Source: PCGamer
  11. I love gazing at the magnificent houses and opulent mansions that players build in Minecraft, but sometimes an offbeat build comes along that blows your socks off, and this week for me it's a giant flying turtle. YouTuber and Minecraft builder SmallishBeans is the creator of this majestic beast and to top everything off they also decided to build a castle on top, because a giant flying turtle wasn't enough. The base is, to put it simply, beautiful. It has an overgrown, otherworldly vibe that I totally dig. The centrepiece reminds me of the giant flying turtle from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. SmallishBeans say in the video that this is one of their biggest projects to date, and they've built plenty of other structures, which you can check out on their channel. SmallishBeans begins with the body of the turtle, making sure to get the flippers the perfect shape, then goes on to terraform the top. There are so many great design details like greenery hanging off the side of the shell and the forests of bamboo that conceal the castle. Speaking of, the castle is just as regal as the turtle and SmallishBeans has even built a giant crystal tucked away, explaining that its power is the source of the turtle's flying power. If you're interested in the building process, you can watch SmallishBeans' timelapse over on their channel, linked above. If you wanted to hop into the build yourself, they've also left a download link on the video's description—how kind! If you're up for more blocky epicness, I recently visited Minecraft Middle-earth, a server that took ten years and over 300 people to build. Source: PCGamer
  12. We've put together a list of our favorite Steam Autumn Sale deals, including discounts on many of the best 2020 games, as well as a bunch of games that are $10 and under. It's time for a feast! Of deals. 2020 may have thrown our usual holiday plans awry, but if there's one thing we can always count on, it's a Steam sale kicking off around the end of November. And right on time, this year's Autumn Sale is now underway—although, as usual, you can probably expect the store to be rocky for the first couple hours as it weathers the strain of the deal-hungry hordes. The start of the Autumn Sale also signals the return of the Steam Awards, the annual celebration of the best games Steam has to offer. Nominations are now open across 10 categories, including all eight from 2019: Game of the Year VR Game of the Year Labor of Love Better With Friends Most Innovative Gameplay Outstanding Story-Rich Game Best Game You Suck At Outstanding Visual Style And a pair of newcomers for 2020: Best Soundtrack Best "Sit Back and Relax" Games—which, for the record, is intended to reflect gameplay and mood, and not the physical position from which you play, although you can see where there might be a connection between the two. Voting on the 2020 Steam Awards will take place during the Steam Winter Sale. We don't have an official date on that but the expectation is that it will begin on December 22 and run to January 5. Also on tap during the Autumn Sale are new items in the Steam Points Shop, including seasonally themed animated avatar frames, a background, and a bucolic Autumn profile that looks like Adam Jensen's weekend trip to the cottage: Valve also warned, however, that the Debut Collection Badge will be removed from the Points Shop at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on December 9, after which you'll no longer be able to level it up. The Steam Autumn Sale runs until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on December 1. We'll highlight our favorite deals from the 2020 autumn sale once we've gone through them all. Source: PCGamer

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