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  1. Top 5 Most Played Steam Games this week: 1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive -> Click. 2. Dota 2 -> Click. 3. Rust -> Click. 4. Team Fortress 2 -> Click. 5. Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer -> Click.
  2. Release Notes for 1/20/2021 [ POSIX ] – Updated to the latest version of SDL library for Linux and OSX. [ RETAKES ] – Improved loadout cards assignment logic. – Fixed a crash when players change teams during freeze time. – Enemy loadout card no longer provides enemy pistol. – Fixed a rare case when an extra C4 could spawn. [ MISC ] – Adding official game servers in Argentina. – Fixed settings search UI for non-Latin languages. – Updated AK-47 | Anubis wear alpha [ MAPS ] Apollo -Fixed issues with previous update(thanks Fnugz) -Made glass breaking more consistent (thanks T1mure) -Replaced and realigned textures -Fixed some gun stuck spots (thanks JustAlex) -Deleted upsetting bench (thanks sprunk) -Realigned some assets (thanks fnugz) -Deleted some cans people thought were smoke grenades -Fixed boost spots (thanks poop) -Reduced assets in giftspot and other general optimizations for lower end computers
  3. Your forum name: CatalinaD Your 1st pick: A2 Your 2nd pick: B5 Your 3rd pick: D3
  4. UPDATE - 20/01/2021 ----------------------------------- # Animes Versus (forum) Anime Versus #2 (The Seven Deadly Sins) ( CLICK HERE ) ( 29.09.20 - 06.10.20 ) ( OFF ) # Films and Series (forum) DCEU Character Popularity Contest [3] ( CLICK HERE ) ( 24.08.20 - 31.08.20 ) ( OFF ) OSCAR Popularity Contest [2] ( CLICK HERE ) ( 06.10.20 - 12.10.20 ) ( OFF ) Movie of the Month [2] ( CLICK HERE ) ( 19.02.21 - 25.01.21 ) ( ON ) Marvel Universe Versus [2] ( CLICK HERE ) ( 10.08.20 - 17.08.20 ) ( OFF ) TV Show Popularity Contest [2] ( CLICK HERE ) ( 04.09.20 - 11.09.20 ) ( OFF ) # Music Station (forum) Video Music Awards Game ( CLICK HERE ) ( xx.xx.xx - xx.xx.xx ) ( OFF ) Who's better? ( CLICK HERE ) ( 16.08.20 - 22.08.20 ) ( OFF ) Music Versus ( CLICK HERE ) ( 19.02.21 - 25.01.21 ) ( ON ) # Competitions (forum) Championship International ( CLICK HERE ) ( 16.03.20 - 05.05.20 ) ( OFF ) MegaSena Contest #04 ( CLICK HERE ) ( 31.07.20 - 06.08.20 ) ( OFF ) 100.000 TOKENS Quina Contest #04 ( CLICK HERE ) ( 08.08.20 - 14.08.20 ) ( OFF ) 70.000 TOKENS LottoEasy Contest #04 ( CLICK HERE ) ( 16.08.20 - 22.08.20 ) ( OFF ) 60.000 TOKENS # Mini-Games (forum) What game is this? ( CLICK HERE ) ( 17.01.21 - 23.01.21 ) ( ON ) Hunting Words ( CLICK HERE ) ( 17.01.21 - 23.01.21 ) ( ON ) Scratch Card ( CLICK HERE ) ( 17.01.21 - 23.01.21 ) ( ON ) Looking for the House card ( CLICK HERE ) ( 17.01.21 - 23.01.21 ) ( ON ) What's in the chest? ( CLICK HERE ) ( 17.01.21 - 23.01.21 ) ( ON ) Mystery Object ( CLICK HERE ) ( 17.01.21 - 23.01.21 ) ( ON ) Spot The Difference ( CLICK HERE ) ( 17.01.21 - 23.01.21 ) ( ON )
  5. Top 5 Most Played Steam Games this week: 1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive -> Click. 2. Dota 2 -> Click. 3. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS -> Click. 4. Rust -> Click. 5. Grand Theft Auto V -> Click.
  6. v2 - redimensionare, efecte si text
  7. Anime: Demon Slayer AMV/Opening:
  8. The official Twitter account for Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret magazine revealed on January 10 that Io Sakisaka will launch a new manga titled Sakura, Saku (The Cherry Blossoms Bloom) in the magazine's March issue on February 13. The manga will center on a girl named Saki, who thinks of herself as always just blending in with the crowd. At her high school entrance ceremony, she looks for a boy named Sakura, who has helped her before. When she finds Haruki Sakura, she can feel destiny tugging at them both. Bessatsu Margaret previously teased in October that Sakisaka would launch a new manga this year. Sakisaka serialized her "traditional school romance" manga Strobe Edge in Bessatsu Margaret from 2007 to 2009. Viz Media published the 10-volume series in English. The manga inspired a live-action film that opened in Japan in March 2015. Sakisaka's 13-volume Blue Spring Ride manga inspired a television anime series, an original anime DVD, and a live-action film in 2014. Crunchyroll streamed the television anime as it aired, and Sentai Filmworks released it on home video. Viz Media is releasing the manga in English. Sakisaka launched the Love Me, Love Me Not (Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare) manga in Bessatsu Margaret in June 2015, and ended it in May 2019. Shueisha published the manga's 12th and final compiled book volume in June 2019. Viz Media licensed the manga. The manga inspired an anime film that opened in September 2020 after a delay from its original May 2020 opening. A live-action film adaptation of the manga opened in August 2020. Source: AnimeNewsNetwork
  9. Aniplex of America began streaming an English dub trailer for the Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train anime on Friday. Funimation and Aniplex of America will screen the film with both subtitles and an English dub in theaters in North America in early 2021. After 12 consecutive weeks at #1 in the box office in Japan, the film dropped to #2 this past weekend. It sold 425,000 tickets over the weekend and earned 677,783,450 yen (about US$6.57 million) from Friday to Sunday. The film has now sold a total of 25.48 million tickets for 34,642,116,000 yen (about US$335 million). The film has surpassed Hayao Miyazaki's 2002 Spirited Away, its last rival for all-time highest earnings in Japanese box office history. (Spirited Away earned 30.8 billion yen in its original run, but has since earned a total of 31.68 billion yen after this summer's revival screenings.) It is now also at least the second highest-earning anime film of all time worldwide, topping your name.'s worldwide US$357,986,087 earnings. Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train began screening in 38 IMAX theaters in Japan on October 16. The film had the highest opening weekend globally for the October 16-18 weekend. The film sold 3,424,930 tickets and earned 4,623,117,450 yen (about US$43.85 million) in Japan in its first three days. The film sold 910,507 tickets and earned over 1,268,724,700 yen (about US$12.03 million) on its opening day alone, making it the highest weekday opening day in Japan ever. Mugen Train began holding immersive MX4D and 4DX screenings on Saturday, December 26. The main staff members of the previous television anime returned for the sequel film. TOHO and Aniplex are handling the film's distribution in Japan. Funimation and Aniplex of America will screen the film in theaters in North America in early 2021. Koyoharu Gotouge's original Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga inspired a television anime that premiered in April 2019, and aired its 26th and final episode in September 2019. Source: AnimeNewsNetwork
  10. Seven Seas Entertainment announced on Friday that it has licensed the Sarazanmai Anthology manga collection based on Kunihiko Ikuhara's Sarazanmai television anime series. The company will release the manga in a large-trim single volume in print and digital formats in June. The manga features more than a dozen short stories based on the anime by various creators. Seven Seas describes the franchise: After accidentally breaking a statue of a mythical kappa, junior high students Kazuki, Toi, and Enta are transformed into kappa themselves as punishment by Keppi, prince of the Kappa Kingdom. Keppi has a task for the boys if they want their bodies back: work for him to hunt down zombie kappa born of twisted human desires. Even scarier, though? They're going to have to expose their own deepest fears and desires to each other to do so! Explore this surrealist modern folktale--a fan-favorite anime in 2019--like never before in this collection of all-new short manga by various creators! Seven Seas is also releasing Ikuhara and Teruko Utsumi's Sarazanmai novels, and has released the Sarazanmai: Reo and Mabu spinoff manga. The Sarazanmai anime premiered in April 2019 and had 11 episodes. Crunchyroll and Funimation streamed the show as it aired. Source: AnimeNewsNetwork
  11. Bungie hasn't been the Halo company for some time now. Since breaking from Microsoft, the studio has managed to firmly establish a new identity, far removed from Master Chief and the gang. Next month, Bungie cuts one of the last remaining threads to their flagship Xbox franchise, as an archive of stats, screenshots and custom gametypes goes offline for good. Tucked away in the first This Week At Bungie post of the year, community manager Dylan Gafner took a moment away from Destiny to ring in the final hours of Bungie's legacy Halo site. While it hasn't been updated in over nine years, the site remained online as a memorial to thousands of community stats and creations taken from Halo's 2 through Reach. "On February 9, the halo.bungie.net website will be taken offline permanently," Gafner writes. "Everyone is welcome to save their stats and files, however they can, if they'd like to save anything. Please keep in mind that our News articles, Forums, and Groups were imported into the current version of Bungie.net back in 2013." After wrapping up Halo: Reach, Bungie handed off Halo stewardship to new studio 343 Industries. Now, 343 did a (mostly) bang-up job of bringing the original games to PC last year with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but largely ignored the community content that came before—save for a one-time transfer of legacy maps and games. Bungie has at least given folks a few weeks to archive what they can before the site goes down. With a bit of rooting around, I even found a handful of my own screenshots (uploaded by a 14-year-old Nat with a profoundly embarrassing gamertag). Beyond Halo, the site even contained hubs for older Bungie titles like Myth, Marathon, and the studio's short-lived indie publishing wing Bungie Aerospace. The old site might've been stagnant, but it was a neat little peek into Bungie's pre-Destiny past. It's a small shame to see it go. Source: PCGamer
  12. Epic Games' legal brawl with Apple and Google, which kicked off in August 2020, has now reached the UK. Epic has filed a claim with the Competition Appeal Tribunal against both of them, with the same complaints that it made in the US and Australia. Though all established in the US, Epic, Apple and Google also have registered companies in the UK and EU, hence the dispute coming to these shores. The claim was made late last year, but the notice was only published on January 14 (cheers, Gamesindustry.biz). Epic's claims against Apple and Google will be familiar to anyone who has followed the months-long dispute. It began when Apple and Google decided they were not OK with Epic adding a direct payment option to the mobile version of Fortnite—so Apple and Google couldn't get their cut—prompting them to remove the game from the stores. Apple and Google claim that Epic knowingly broke the rules, while Epic claims that their dominance over the mobile market is anti-competitive. It announced that it was suing Apple by lampooning one of Apple's old adds and leveraging its mostly very young fanbase. There's even merch and skins, and of course a Fortnite tournament. Epic is hoping that the Tribunal will make a declaration that certain terms of the Developer Program License Agreement (DPLA) that is has with Apple are unlawful, along with the removal of Fortnite from the App Store and Play Store. It wants Fortnite to be restored, and for Apple to be stopped from restricting the download of the Epic Games Store or Epic's apps. It also seeks an order that would stop Google from insisting that the Play Store be pre-installed on Android devices, or any other preferential treatment it receives compared to other app stores. On January 21, Epic will meet with the Tribunal to plead its case, and once again it won't be seeking damages. From the start, Epic and CEO Tim Sweeney have painted the dispute as a David and Goliath brawl where Epic wants to improve the mobile ecosystem and not just make more money. Epic, of course, is no David, and was worth around $17 billion last year. In the US, things are further along, with an actual trial for the Epic vs. Apple case scheduled for May. In the meantime, Apple has been ordered to leave Unreal Engine and Epic subsidiaries alone. A temporary restraining order was upgraded in October, stopping Apple from being able to retaliate by taking action against Epic Affiliates until there's been an outcome to the litigation. Source: PCGamer
  13. Hades studio Supergiant Games has responded to complaints about the game's non-English translations and questions about the use of unpaid community members as translators, saying that it did in fact use a "professional translation service" in the game's development, as well has "hand-picked members of our community" to revise the translations based on player feedback. Complaints about the game's translation appeared on Twitter on January 12, when a player posted a screen of poorly-translated text and wrote, "Stop ruining your games with machine or non-professional translation." Other fans, some of whom are translators themselves, weighed in with similar complaints: This tweet, for instance, pointed out a confusing message about saving, while the quality of the translation led at least one player to play the game in English, despite being a Spanish-speaker. The French and Chinese translation also came under fire—although, interestingly, the German version actually drew a compliment, indicating the unevenness of the work. In response to the initial complaint, Supergiant said in a since-deleted tweet, "Thank you for the feedback, and we're sorry to hear you feel this way. Our community translators bolstered the efforts of the professional translators we worked with. This reflects how our community bolstered all our efforts throughout our Early Access, and made Hades what it is." For some fans, Supergiant's follow-up tweet confused the matter further. It led to suggestions from some that the use of community translations was simply a way to avoid paying for work. In an email, however, Supergiant creative director Greg Kasavin explained that the studio did in fact use a paid translation service for Hades, and that community members who were brought onto the project were paid as well. "Hades is the first game we've developed in Early Access. Throughout development, we employed a professional translation service we've worked with ever since Transistor to translate the content we generated, and continued generating, into a number of languages," he wrote. "When we first added localized content to our Early Access build back in 2019, members of our international community started providing a lot of good feedback about those translations. We ended up working with some of them more closely to help process the feedback and improve the translations, and offered to credit and pay those who made meaningful contributions to this effort. Our goal was to improve the quality of the result, and be receptive to player feedback, and we worked with some amazing and experienced translators with whom I would love to work again if there ever came a time." Kasavin declined to reveal specifics of the contracts involved but said that once community collaborators reached a defined threshold of contributions based on the number of words translated or added and a "willingness to collaborate with our team and a peer group of translators," payment was offered based on the amount of work completed. "Our community translators provided labor that directly contributed to the content and quality of the game (plus their efforts helped turn around feedback we were getting about our translations in many languages); thus we felt it was necessary to offer to compensate and credit them for their work." The studio worked with "a couple of dozen" community translators across different languages during Hades' early access period, "while we were still adding and iterating on content," Kasavin said. "We hadn't previously experienced the challenges of translating a game that had an active vibrant community, while still in the midst of iterating on and creating a lot of the content for that game." "We worked closely with our community translators to improve our process as much as possible, incorporating their feedback where we could«we chose our community translators based on a combination of their ability to offer such feedback, demonstrated translation experience, and knowledge of our game. We collected more of their feedback after our v1.0 launch. Listening to community feedback was fundamentally important to the development of Hades." Kasavin has since apologized for his initial response to the complaint about Hades' translation. "I love our community but should not have been defensive. We learned a lot working on Hades, and clearly have a lot to learn still. We sincerely appreciate the feedback and are reading all of it," he wrote. "Please know we're actively committed to improving our translations on Hades, as well as improving our process moving forward." Source: PCGamer
  14. Valve rarely announces Steam sale dates in advance, but that's not really a problem for most thrifty videogame shoppers because the dates regularly leak well in advance anyway. I vaguely recall that it used to be a pretty big deal, way back when: A date would slip out from the darkest shadows of the internet, and we'd all huddle around to debate the likelihood of its accuracy, what we might buy, and whose head would roll when the leaker's identity was discovered. It's not quite such a dramatic thing these days, thanks largely to the ubiquity of Steam sales and proliferation of other online storefronts—not to mention Valve's apparent indifference to the whole thing—but even so, it's good to have some advance notice on these things, especially if you're still recovering from the recently-ended Steam Winter Sale. Which brings us to the point: According to Steam Database, which has a pretty solid record with this sort of thing, the Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021 will begin on February 11 and run to February 15. Steam's Lunar New Year events aren't quite the elongated blowouts that the Winter and Summer sales are, but there are deals, and it's a safe bet that Lunar New Year items will turn up in the Points Shop. Last year's sale had its own Night Market, where you could turn in earned points for profile backgrounds, chat room effects, chat stickers, and that sort of thing, but that was prior to the launch of the permanent Points Shop and so my assumption is that it won't make a re-appearance this year. Of course, this is all unofficial and unverified, but it's probably not coincidence that the 2021 Lunar New Year also begins on February 12. Whatever the actual date is (and if I was a betting man, I'd say February 12 is it), we'll let you know when the sale gets underway. For all the Steam sale leaks we know about, keep an eye on our list. Source: PCGamer
  15. Earlier this week, CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwiński once again apologized for the state of Cyberpunk 2077, which has been buggy on PC, and very buggy on last-gen consoles. In that apology, Iwiński suggested that the scope of Cyberpunk 2077's issues was not entirely known before release. We were skeptical of the claim, and in a new report from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, employees at the studio reject it. Schreier says he interviewed "more than 20 current and former CD Projekt staff" for the report, and while COVID-19 did cause difficulties with communication and production—developers couldn't work on console development kits in the office, for instance—the employees he spoke to say that external tests showed the problems, and the bugs were not the surprise Iwiński made them out to be when he said that testing didn't show "a big part" of Cyberpunk's problems. "As the launch date drew closer, everyone at the studio knew the game was in rough shape and needed more time," writes Schreier, referring to Cyberpunk 2077's November 19 release date, which became December 10 after the final postponement. During that three-week delay, "exhausted programmers scrambled to fix as much as they could," he says, but a smooth launch would've been impossible at that point. Schreier previously reported on crunch—mandatory overtime in the leadup to a game's release—at CD Projekt, and this report includes another story of overwork within the studio. "There were times when I would crunch up to 13 hours a day—a little bit over that was my record probably—and I would do five days a week working like that," said Adrian Jakubiak, a former CD Projekt audio programmer. "I have some friends who lost their families because of these sort of shenanigans." The report briefly describes troubles that began much earlier in Cyberpunk 2077's development, such as the challenge of building a new engine at the same time as the game being built on it, and the fallout from overhauls requested by game director Adam Badowski in 2016. Former Witcher 3 developers apparently left the project due to clashes with Badowski's vision. Employees also say that CD Projekt struggled to manage a team of over 500, which was twice as large as The Witcher 3's development team. There are more details in the full report, which you can read at Bloomberg. Schreier also tweeted out (see embed above) a handful of details that were omitted from the report, saying, for instance, that the police system was "all done at the last minute." "As is evident by the final product, it was unclear to some of the team why they were trying to make both an RPG and a GTA with a fraction of Rockstar's staff," he wrote. Now that the Cyberpunk 2077 launch dust has just about settled, CD Projekt says it's focused on patching the game. Because of that, the promised free DLC coming a little later in 2021 than anticipated. There's also a standalone multiplayer component coming at some point, but there's just about no chance we'll see that this year. It was looking like 2022 for the multiplayer even before the launch problems. Source: PCGamer
  16. The coming of winter brings many things: Cold, snow, treacherous driving, darkness before suppertime, and—getting to the point—videogame sales. With the traditional holiday says now wrapped up, the Humble Store has kicked off the next round of seasonal discount events with the start of its annual Winter Sale. Along with the usual solid selection of deals, the Humble Store is also giving a game away for the first two days of the sale: Bomber Crew, which you can pick up until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on January 16. It's something like FTL, but set in the Second World War: You have to manage the crew of a bomber conducting raids over Europe, keeping your plane and your people alive and intact in the face of deadly odds It's not as grim as it sounds: "Bomber Crew also refuses to take itself too seriously, even while it’s finding new ways to blast me out the air. Its cartoonish style and bubble-headed bombardiers remind you that this is in no way a simulation, even if there is a reasonably authentic representation of damage and a plane's interconnected systems," we wrote in our 2017 preview. "There’s little attempt to model realistic physics or flight models and the miniature map of Europe exists to get you into the action as soon as possible, meaning you can cross the channel in a heartbeat and be eating flak before breakfast." And, since it is a sale, here are a few deals to get things started: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 35% off Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Zombies Chronicles Edition - 40% off NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition - 50% off Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition - 40% off Yakuza Like a Dragon - 25% off A Hat in Time - 50% off 7 Days to Die - 66% off Void Bastards - 60% off \The Humble Winter Sale runs until January 28. Source: PCGamer
  17. Riders Republic was announced in September 2020 as an "extreme sports MMO" for up to 50 players on skis, snowboards, bicycles, rocket-powered wingsuits, and other implements of radicalness in a rough, rugged open world. The gameplay showcased in the announcement trailer bore a distinct resemblance to Steep, another Ubisoft extreme sports game that was released in 2016, with a bit of a Far Cry: New Dawn aesthetic, although without the Mad Max-flavored violence. It was supposed to debut on February 25, but Ubisoft said today that it's not going to happen. "We want to let you know that we have made the decision to move our release to later this year," the Riders Republic team tweeted. "The additional time will allow our passionate team to deliver the best fun fuelled experience to our players." Specifics on the reasons for the delay weren't provided, nor is there any hint of when "later this year" might be: The Epic Games Store is now carrying a placeholder date of December 31, while the Ubisoft Store has a less-precise (but probably closer to the mark) target of "spring 2021." I've asked Ubi for more information and will update if I happen to get it. Source: PCGamer
  18. In its first This Week at Bungie update for 2021, the Destiny 2 studio discussed updates coming to Crucible and Gambit rewards, some reissued Dreaming City and Moon gear, and—this is the big one—a nerf to the Hunter's Shatterdive ability, which was introduced with the arrival of Stasis as part of the Beyond Light expansion, and has been enjoying an icy reign of terror ever since. "Over the holiday break we saw Trials go live, and with that a wealth of valuable feedback from the community," Combat Area Lead Tomonori Kinoshita explained. "Along with this feedback, we have been tracking data from Trials and identified some short-term changes, as well as more mid-term goals we are focusing on in the coming weeks and months." In the short term, Bungie wants to "address outlier Stasis abilities to keep subclass decision making interesting," which translates into: Reduce the potency of Shatter Dive + Whisper of Fissures against Guardians, going live with Update 3.0.2. Shatterdive now has damage falloff vs. unfrozen targets Max range damage reduced from 50 to 5 Damage reduction during ability reduced from 50% to 25% Whisper of Fissures Reduced max-min damage vs. non-super players from 42-22 to 30-4 Reduced max-min damage vs. super players from 42-22 to 16-2 Reduced detonation radius vs. players from 10m to 9m These sounds like substantial changes, and so they should be. The Shatterdive combo, by which Hunter's throw down a Glacier Grenade and then dunk on it immediately, creating a ridiculously potent explosion, has proved way too strong and cheesy in PVP. And don't worry, it's won't just be Hunters coming under the hammer... Investigate the efficacy of the Stasis Titan Behemoth Super. We want to let the above change settle to see where the Behemoth stands in our PvP hierarchy, but this is next on our radar. Longer-term, the goal is to improve the balance between gunplay and powers: Bungie said the usage of powers has gone up "as we introduce more and more ways to charge them quickly," particularly in 3v3 playlists, and it wants to make adjustments to ensure that guns remain viable and rewarding. Speaking of guns (and also armor), here's a list of some of the returning rewards you'll see in season 13: Reissued Dreaming City Reverie Dawn and Moon Dreambane armor. These will also drop with high stats when earned in Shattered Throne or Pit of Heresy. The final chest in Pit of Heresy will no longer drop a fully Masterworked Dreambane armor piece. Instead, the Dreambane armor piece that drops will have 7 armor energy and is guaranteed to drop with at least a +16 in two different stats and higher stats overall. Dreambane class items will not drop from this chest. Honestly, it kinda sucks that the Masterworked Dreambane armor is being removed, as the rare materials you earned for dismantling these each week was one of the best sources to farm in the game. Which I guess is why Bungie has nixed it. Reissued 4 weapons for Dreaming City with new Perk Pools. Waking Vigil, Sleepless, Vouchsafe, and Retold Tale. Dreaming City weapons that drop in the Shattered Throne dungeon can roll with perks that are unavailable from drops from other reward sources. Reissued 4 weapons for the Moon with new Perk Pools. Premonition (Pit of Heresy only), Heretic, Blasphemer, and Apostate. Weapons that drop in the Pit of Heresy dungeon can roll with perks that are unavailable from drops from other reward sources. Expanding Lost Sector Legend and Master rotation to 4 Moon Sectors. K1 Logistics, K1 Communication, K1 Crew Quarters, and K1 Revelation. "Activities where re-issues are acquired will be heavily weighted towards rewarding re-issued gear over capped gear -- though the exact weighting and mechanisms may differ," Rewards Area Lead Justin Dazet said. "For example: In the Dreaming City if you have already obtained an infusion capped weapon, it will not drop for you again." Season 13 will also see a change to Gambit and Crucible reward structures, which will see the addition of two new unique weapons added to each of the three playlist rituals (six in total), and the addition of visible reward ranks on ritual vendors. Rather than dropping automatically, rank rewards will be manually picked up from vendor lists, which Bungie said "gives much better visibility into what you’ll be earning as you progress, and helps you make better choices about where to spend your time." Ritual progression will occur individually, so you can be Crucible rank 10 and Gambit rank 4 for instance, and ranking up will continue to earn a base Ritual Engram. Rewards for individual ritual ranks are: Rank 4: 3x Upgrade Modules Rank 7: 3x Enhancement Cores Rank 10: Seasonal Ritual Shader (changes to 3x Enhancement Cores after resetting your rank) Rank 13: 2x Enhancement Prisms Rank 16: Seasonal Ritual Emblem (changes to 2x Enhancement Prisms after resetting your rank) Reset Reward: Ascendant Shard (changes to Exotic Engram after resetting your rank) Also note that the change means Crucible Tokens and Token Gifts won't be used anymore, and will therefore become junk: Be sure to turn them in before the end of the current season. Bungie said there will be a total of four This Week at Bungie updates leading into the next season of Destiny 2. The season 13 start date hasn't been announced yet but assuming the usual weekly cadence, that puts it sometime in the week of February 4-7. Source: PCGamer
  19. Axiom Verge released nearly six years ago and there's a sequel in development, but that doesn't mean now is a bad time to roll out the game's first DLC. The free Randomizer Mode is in beta, and if you own the game on Steam you can access it right now. As the name implies, the mode "randomizes" the Metroidvania's item locations. That seems fraught with danger, especially in a game where carefully placed power-ups determine the flow of progression. But the mode takes all of this into account, as Thomas Happ writes on the game's official website. "The Randomizer is smart enough to know that in certain areas you need weapons with certain characteristics to progress," he writes, adding later that "If the Randomizer just gave you any old weapon, you might be blocked from progressing any further." Needless to say, it must have been a real headache to implement, and it was definitely a labour of love: as Happ notes in his post, the mode was originally a mod created by Axiom Verge's speedrunning community. There are three difficulty modes for the Randomizer, though it's probably a bad idea to dive into any of them if you've never completed the main game. 'Beginner' difficulty is what you'll want to try: the other two rely on knowledge of the game's glitches, stuff that only speedrunners really care about. The post also indicates that Axiom Verge 2 is nearing completion. "I’m putting on the finishing touches for that and will be talking about it more soon," Happ said. Source: PCGamer
  20. Live-action trailers are apparently still a thing, and The Medium—a forthcoming horror game from Bloober Team, the developers of Layers of Fear and Blair Witch—now has one. It showcases the "two worlds" setup of the game, with its protagonist able to move between the real world and a spirit world where everything's brown and decaying and she has white hair. The trailer's moody and has a lot of screaming, but isn't going to tell you a whole lot about the actual game. We see flashbacks with a young girl, the protagonist uses some kind of power to burn up bugs with a psychic shield, and we are reminded that grandfather clocks and children in masks are creepy. One gangly monster runs down a hall and one with about ten arms and poor appetite control strikes a boss monster pose. I'm sure it'll all make sense in time. The way buildings turn to ash in the spirit world has a very Silent Hill: The Movie look, and Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka contributed to The Medium's score. It'll be out on January 28 via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store. Source: PCGamer
  21. v2 - efecte si redimensionare
  22. Aleg faza 2 pt ca a jucat bine avand doar 30hp..

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