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  1. Hahahaha here you go you make a schedule for me, i will listen to your advice and watch as u wrote above xD and i will let u know my opinion about them after i finish each of them xD thanks again
  2. Im lost between the 100 and stranger things , and a third one called the haunting of hill house other friend told me about ,so 3 of them look good to me and im not sure with which one should i start
  3. I read that he will not come back and thats the best way they found to end his character in the series i guess
  4. Yea as they killed rick , no one is stronger than negan to take the lead i guess
  5. Aaa i didnt know that cuz i didnt read , but whats about negan ? Is he gonna be with the good or with the bad as he was? You are talking about the 100? Probably i will watch the trailers of every show u wrote and choose one of them with fear the waking dead ,2 series for me is enough to watch and when im done i will go for another
  6. So all the zombies big group are a people? Or both people with zombies ? Im planning to watch fear the walking dead and looking for something like a mystery or some action but not super hero or space etc , bogdan i will check your list now , thanks guys
  7. As the walking dead coming back in February and as i didn’t understand the last episode, till then , im looking for a new series but not a super hero , any suggestions? I want a good one
  8. I go for wonder woman shes hot as hell come on look at the skin color and that hair other than the rest xD plus the movie was good but suicide squad didnt like it much ..
  9. Unban accepted , admin -1, this is not the first time you dont come with the proof raf , next is remove Topic Closed.

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