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  1. ofllinE


    [H] ★ Karambit | Stained (Field-Tested), [H] USP-S | Orion (Minimal Wear), [H] StatTrak™ AK-47 | Elite Build (Minimal Wear), [H] AWP | Worm God (Minimal Wear), [H] Galil AR | Blue Titanium (Factory New), [H] P90 | Module (Minimal Wear), [H] Desert Eagle | Night (Field-Tested), [H] Glock-18 | Candy Apple (Minimal Wear) [W] Any knife ! [SS]https://s.cs.money/USEt0Gr_image.jpg [TL]Send trade offer ----- > https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=59980605&token=rWb6Ng09
  2. ofllinE


    [H]-★ Huntsman Knife | Fade (Factory New), ( RARE FLOAT 0.008 ) [H]-AK-47 | Neon Revolution (Field-Tested), [H]-Galil AR | Blue Titanium (Factory New), sticker - Team Dignitas | Cologne 2014 [H]- P90 | Module (Minimal Wear), [H]- Desert Eagle | Night (Field-Tested), [H]-StatTrak™ USP-S | Blood Tiger (Minimal Wear), STICKER - Titan | Katowice 2015 [H]-M4A4 | Griffin (Field-Tested), [H]-Glock-18 | Candy Apple (Minimal Wear). [W]Any knife ! [SS]https://s.cs.money/Uxzgh2b_image.jpg [TL]https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=59980605&token=rWb6Ng09
  3. ofllinE


    Dau la trade urmatoarele : [H] AWP | Asiimov (Well-Worn), Souvenir Desert Eagle | Urban DDPAT (Field-Tested), Tec-9 | Fuel Injector (Field-Tested), Souvenir MP5-SD | Lab Rats (Minimal Wear), P90 | Chopper (Field-Tested), Desert Eagle | Meteorite (Minimal Wear), Souvenir P90 | Sand Spray (Minimal Wear), Sticker | ESL (Holo) | Cologne 2016,Abțibild | Team LDLC.com | Cologne 2014,Abțibild | mousesports (Înfoliat) | Cologne 2015 [W] any knife,any offers NO SELL !! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=59980605&token=rWb6Ng09

Despre noi

Suntem o comunitate aparuta in anul 2010 ce are ca scop sa prezinte si sa aduca in calculatoarele voastre socializare, competitie, public si foarte multa actiune. Alatura-te celor 200.000 de membri iar impreuna vom dezvolta cat mai mult termenul de 'comunitate'

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