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  1. Ban Information Name: maha IP: Reason: aim Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  2. Ban Information Name: yogi IP: Reason: no.ss Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  3. NUME: d1aLoG.w0w DURATA: 2 saptamani MOTIV: am mainile bandajate ( m.am ars) , arsuri de gradul 2 ... ... pot activa pe sv dar doar ca admin rog pt spec power pe sv sau sa fiu spec cand se schimba mapa .... MENTIUNI: am sa fiu on cand pot
  4. Ban Information Name: Otel+9 IP: Reason: wall.aim Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  5. Ban Information Name: peruca IP: Reason: SSW Unban Time: Permanent Ban https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1711622
  6. Ban Information Name: CachopinGamer IP: Reason: aimbot Unban Time: Permanent Ban nu aveam nevoie de dovada sa vedea clar :))
  7. Ban Information Name: DormeoooNoapteBunaaa IP: Reason: no.ss Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  8. Ban Information Name: VB. RamoNe IP: Reason: no.ss Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  9. Ban Information Name: Doggy! IP: Reason: wall Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  10. Ban Information Name: Ursulet IP: Reason: ss.forum Unban Time: Permanent
  11. Ban Information Name: dga IP: Reason: no.ss Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  12. Ban Information Name: wOw IP: Reason: no.ss Unban Time: Permanent Ban a zis ca l.m dat afara cand i.am facut ss :))) si ca nu le are dar in consola arata ca a iesit de buna voie si a reintrat ... daca nu ma insel avea buton de panica
  13. ti.am dat ban ca nu esti tu ala mai smecher sa te astept jumatate de ora sa dai niste amarate de poze :)
  14. Ban Information Name: loko-_-malaguita IP: Reason: no.ss, , a zis ca nu gaseste pozele :)))) era steam on :) unban Time: Permanent Ban
  15. Ban Information Name: iLikeCs IP: Reason: no.ss Unban Time: Permanent Ban

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