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  1. se mai face ceva cu incepatorii?
  2. nimic personal, dar tin sa te contrazic. sunt designeri pe forum pentru asa ceva, de care te ocupi chiar tu, au puteai ei sa faca aceste iconite, iar unul dintre administratori cand are timp sa le pun din admincp, nu dureaza mult deloc, deci nu vad bataia de cap.
  3. As much as i love villains, i will go with The flash.
  4. This topic is finally opened, we are sorry for the wait. I will update this list every week on tuesday. So, the top 5 most played games of this week is? 1.League Of Legends -> click (Riot Games) 2.Fortnite -> click (Epic Games) 3.Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft -> click (Blizzard Entertainment) 4.PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS -> click (Bluehole Studio) 5.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive -> click (Valve Corporation)
  5. am incercat pe cat posibil sa ascult sfaturile:) 1: PSD: click 2: PSD: click
  6. Your forum name: makeouthill The Word extracted: Bucks
  7. ✨makeouthill


    i just woke up, got 4 hours of sleep & i'm good what about y'all?
  8. Joker, his attitude and craziness makes him one of the most feared villains in the superhero universe.
  9. So, CS:GO launched their new update, what does it bring? These are the new changes with the update on 03.10.2018: GAMEPLAY Updated FBI character models have been deployed to Nuke, Agency & Office. Enabled MP5-SD in official Competitive Matchmaking. Added a new setting "mp_solid_teammates 2" which enables standing on top of teammates while still allowing to walk through them.The feature is now enabled in official Casual, Demolition & Flying Scoutsman game modes. SERVERS This update includes an updated version of steamclient.so for Linux dedicated servers which has multiple threading and integration fixes.For a limited time an old version of steamclient.so can still be used on CS:GO Linux dedicated servers. MISC The 2018 Inferno collection and 2018 Nuke collection are now available as rank-up drops. Updated alpha channels on the SSG 08 and Mac-10 in the new 2018 Inferno collection. Fixed rare cases where audio device configuration will not save properly. Fixed the Beartooth Music Kit to respect MVP music volume. PANORAMA Fixed a VRAM leak in threaded Open GL contexts on OSX and Linux. Fixed a rare mouse left-click issue on OSX. Multiple performance improvements for OSX and Linux clients. Added support for DDS files using DXT3 compression. Added support for DDS encoded PNG files. MAPS The following maps received changes: Nuke Train Office source: steam
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