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  2. https://www.digisport.ro/fotbal/la-liga/pique-pus-la-zid-de-un-fost-coechipier-de-la-barcelona-marquez-a-fost-de-zece-ori-mai-bun-592126
  3. 14.01.2019 - UPDATE [MISC] – Fixed team names truncation issue in scoreboard in some languages. – Fixed snowballs from being purchasable from the console. – Fixed snowballs and sensor grenades to not occupy the same grenade slot. – Added game server log output for team assignments when game is commencing and after backup reload. – Added game server log output for match pause and unpause state changes. – Added support for Katowice 2019 in-game streams. – Fixed cases where players could get stuck inside each other (or less frequently, world geometry) when jump crouching.
  4. • Nume: GABI • Data aleasa: Orice zi..pentru mine e indiferent. • Prezent(Da/Nu): Da • Motivul neprezentarii(in cazul in care nu poti veni): --
  5. Biletul Zilei Meci: Man City - Wolves Ora/Data: 14.01.2019 Predictie: x1 cota: 1.01 Rezultat Final: winn Meci: Roma - entella Ora/Data: 14.01.2019 Predictie:1 cota: 1.15 Rezultat Final: winn Meci: Sociedad - Espanyol Ora/Data: 14.01.2019 Predictie: x1 cota: 1.25 Rezultat Final: winn Al 2-lea bilet castigator la rand
  6. Al 2-lea bilet castigator la rand <3 Biletul Zilei Meci: Blackburn - Newcastle Ora/Data: 15.01.2019 Predictie: x1 cota: 1.38 Rezultat Final: -- Meci: Stoke - Shrewsbury Ora/Data: 15.01.2019 Predictie: x1 cota: 1.09 Rezultat Final: -- Meci: Valencia - Gijon Ora/Data: 15.01.2019 Predictie: 1 cota: 1.25 Rezultat Final: -- Meci: Angers - Bordeaux Ora/Data: 15.01.2019 Predictie: x2 cota: 1.56 Rezultat Final: --
  7. Raspuns correct : Nuno Espírito Santo Clasamnet Concurs spaniuuk -11 pct Bogdan BG - 11 pct VLAADONE - 8 pct Arthur -5 pct Dany- 4 pct teroristul22 - 3 pct Matei - 1 pct Mo#su - 0 pct Earth JR - 0 pct Jaguar - 0 pct  FINAL DE CONCURS! LOCUL 1: Locul 1  : Award + 300 zincoins + avatar si semnatura [statica/gif(AE)] : @spaniuuk @BoGdaN.™ Locul 2 : Award + 200 zincoins + avatar/semnatura [statica/gif(AE)] : Locul 3 : 100 zincoins : @Arthur. Premiile vor fi impartite imediat ce discut cu @Mo#sU pentru a le oferi. Felicitari tuturor.
  8. UPDATE Fortnite flirted with a glider that could lead you to land on the battlefield in style, but quickly completed the test feature. Now it's back as an element, with a lot of changes that Epic tells them to do to make the planner meet the proposed goal. Beginning with patch v7.20, Glider Redeploy will take over an inventory slot and be discovered as a normal boot in automated cases and supply lamps. You do not need to select the item, but it will use the charges and then disappear after all taxes are used. Using launch devices, lifting devices and respawns LTMs will not use a toll. "There was a very fragmented response to the mechanic, who revealed some positive as well as negative ones," Epic said in a detailed update of the changes. "We've removed the mechanic from the default ways, but we feel that an alternative implementation will help solve some of these negative and better fit our goals." It is said that the aim is to provide "mobility and utility", but to ensure that it is balanced and can be repeated. The new changes aim to give the studio more flexibility to repeat the iteration. For Soaring 50s or other large team modes, you will automatically start with a 50-Glider. We are in the middle of the 7th Fortnite season, so if you need help winning this season's cosmetics while playing with the new glider, check out our challenge guide. Just recently, Fortnight changed another airline with an update that did not fly on the plane.
  9. UPDATE - December "It's always hard to say for sure what's coming to Fortnite with an update, although recurring topics are weapon and item changes, gameplay adjustments, new events, and bug fixes. For v7.20, Epic has hinted at a few things that players will see after updating is released. Check out what we might see in Fortnite's v7.20 update this week. What's confirmed Improvements in wall placement Epic's design lead Eric Williamson has confirmed that player-built walls that have 70 percent or more of his underground area will automatically receive an additional wall placed above it at no extra cost. He confirmed the change is coming in v7.20 in a Reddit post last week. He said that "under these circumstances, the required connecting piece will now be built automatically and for free. In addition, the connecting piece will inherit the team ownership rules (and the material type) of the desired piece. " The return of Glider Redeploy as an item Epic has confirmed today that the Glider Redeploy mechanic is returning to standard Fortnite: Battle Royale modes as a consumable item. They take one inventory space and each activation consumes one charge, although Epic did not say how many charges each item will have. Players just have to press the spacebar when jumping to activate the item. Players will spawn this item with 50 charges in large team modes. The final end of 14 Days of Fortnite The holiday event 14 Days of Fortnite ends tomorrow for good. Epic finished the first iteration of the event sooner than it originally announced, leading to some controversy among the player base. Epic extended the event, with this second stretch of 14 Days of Fortnight being live since Jan. 7. Epic said on the day of its second release that the event was leaving the game on Jan. 15. With its expansion players, they were able to get the special rewards again. But tomorrow, the mode is leaving the game for good, and all rewards players failed to unlock will be inaccessible indefinitely. Sensitivity changes Epic community manager Sean "MrPopoTFS" Hamilton revealed on Twitter today that v7.20 will bring new sensitivity settings. Building sensitivity changes will start to apply to edit mode, and the sensitivity settings will allow for more granular adjustments. What's likely to come The addition of the new Scoped Revolver An in-game message revealed that a new Scoped Revolver is being added to Fortnite: Battle Royale soon. Epic added the message to the game's News tab yesterday, and that generally means players will be able to see it in matches in the next update. It's a six-shot pistol that resembles the bolused Six Shooter, but with a scope that will give it "perfect accuracy at range," according to Epic. Hints of a season-ending event Fortnite players are now used to have big events and cinematics during matches that mark the conclusion of a season. It may not be different in season seven, as players have already found there's ice melting inside the Ice Castle at Polar Peaks, and there are dragon eggs under the castle. This could be the moment Epic starts making these areas, hints, and clues accessible to all players so we can create theories about what's coming soon. Big updates imply big changes in game files. That's the perfect scenario for dataminers and leakers in general, who will probably be exploring the v7.20 files thoroughly looking for new cosmetic items such as the season seven special skin Snowfall, which players can unlock once they complete 60 weekly challenges in the current season , or even models added to the game files that can also hint at the season-ending event."
  10. 14.12.2018 - UPDATE [DANGER ZONE] – Adjusted tablet buymenu drone delivery weapon prices. – Ammo boxes now dispense a quarter of their contents each time they are used, and can still be shared with squadmates. – Reduced the duration required to arm explosives on the safe, and added alert to warn the arming player when they remain within the blast radius. – Removed the parachute from blue tool crates. They will still appear loose in the world. – Reduced spawn point selection timer duration. – Added armor to blue tool crates that previously only contained a helmet. – Slightly increased the number of Shotgun, SMG, and Pistol crates in the world. [MISC] – Fixed a case where players would see an extra “Starting match…” message. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 17.12.2018 - UPDATE [WINTER SEASON FUN] – Chickens are now sporting their festive-wear to celebrate the season. – Players can now pick up and throw snowballs in all game modes except Danger Zone, Wingman, and Competitive Matchmaking. – The T’s have gift wrapped their special package for the holiday season. – Freeze frame holiday borders are back to wish you a happy winter season. – Take a winter vacation to Militia! Now available in Casual and Deathmatch game modes. [10 YEAR COIN] – The Ten Year Veteran Coin will be awarded to players who have been a member of the Counter-Strike community for over 10 years. To be eligible to receive the coin the player must have a Steam account in good standing owning a game from the Counter-Strike series. The player must have owned the game for ten years and played the game at least once. The coin will be awarded next time Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is launched. [2019 SERVICE MEDAL] – When you become a Global General (Rank 40), you’ll be given the opportunity to reset your Profile Rank. After January 1, 2019 you’ll be able to receive a new 2019 Service Medal, an inspectable display item that will be visible wherever your avatar is shown. [MISC] – Significant performance improvement for users on AMD and Intel GPUs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18.12.2018 - UPDATE [DANGER ZONE] – Fixed an exploit resulting in players sometimes getting trapped under the world. – Fixed security doors sometimes having $0 price tags. – Fixed automated sentry gun lasers sometimes not disappearing. – Minor adjustment to the angles of items that come out of crates. [MISC] – Movement fix for players getting stuck on each other in competitive modes near ledges. – Holiday forecast calls for snow on the Menu UI.
  11. 07.12.2018 - UPDATE [ DANGER ZONE ] – Fixed an issue in squad mode that caused the winning squad to not be able to play again from the victory screen. – Added correct localizations for kills by Frag Grenade, Diversion Device, and Fire Bomb. – Fixed a regression with motion blur graphics settings. – Optimized memory usage when not playing Danger Zone. [ COMMUNITY SERVERS ] – Added a setting “sv_prime_accounts_only”. When enabled, only prime accounts can connect to the game server. – Added console commands to support Danger Zone squads: — sv_dz_team_count N : set DZ team size to N players per squad. — sv_dz_jointeam_allowed 1: enable users to choose their own squad during warmup via dz_jointeam. — sv_dz_autojointeam 0: disable players from automatically being assigned a squad when they join the server. — dz_clearteams – remove players from all squads. — dz_shuffle_teams – shuffle all players onto random squads. — dz_jointeam N : Join squad #N (0 = none, valid squads range from 1 to 9). — dz_jointeam N : Server admins only – assign a player to a particular squad. Doesn’t require sv_dz_jointeam_allowed. -– dz_jointeam only works during warmup. Use dz_clearteams / sv_dz_autojointeam 0 with care — all players must be assigned a valid squad when the game starts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 11.12.2018 - UPDATE [MISC] – Fixed precache error when loading Blacksite map on clients with default settings. – Fixed Danger Zone exploration money progress HUD indicator from jittering when switching tablets or spectator targets. – Fixed viewmodel animation interpolation error observed on some high-latency clients. – Adjusted first-person rappel animation to accommodate widescreen aspect ratios. – Fixed a regression in weapons equipped by certain community training maps logic. – Fixed an error model appearing when applying a name tag to inventory items. – Fixed particle materials for rupturing money bags to match the money stack materials. – Fixed sv_prime_accounts_only setting not having effect on certain community servers. – Fixed searching tooltip showing incorrect prime status for lobby.

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