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  1. Numele Dumneavoasta: MadalinIuLian Alegerea 1: C3 Alegerea 2: B4 Alegerea 3: D2
  2. Movie list: Fury, Weddin Ringer, 6Days, Full Metal Jacket, The Do Over, The Kissing Booth, JarHead, Sand Castle, Game over Man , Ridiculous6, When We First met, WarMachine, GrownUps 1,2 , 17again, Think Like a Man, The Dictator, Father Of The Year(best for me). Meet The black, The package, Hall Pass, American Pie reunion, Balls Out, About Last night, 21&Over, StatenIsland Summer, Hangover 1,2,3 , WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, That s my boy(best2), Due Date, Sundown, SexTape,The new Guy Last Update: -
  3. Your forum name: MadaLinIulian The Word extracted: Tennis Legend
  4. Name of the game: Far Cry 3 How did you found : That gun
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