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  1. Nick: .::TiTanic::. Ore (link gametracker - minim 50 ore): https://www.gametracker.com/player/.%3A%3ATiTanic%3A%3A./zmxp.indungi.ro:27015/ Varsta (poza cu primele 6 cifre din CNP): 14 :( De ce doresti Helper?: Help server from trollers & many noobs change thier class zm then i give him last chance , if No understand , kick Cu ce vei ajuta server-ul daca primesti aceasta functie?: i think i will boost Cate ore / zi te joci pe server? (nu afk / spec): i play ohn the server 4 or 5 hours Ai avut tangente cu admini / playeri? Daca da, de ce?: no Ai citit regulamentul (general si al adminilor)? of cours i wish bandit accept request
  2. Nume reclamant: .::TiTanic::. Nume reclamat: jJxDsUbsGvmHBJRVsjNDbuWvooX Motiv: add players from server ZMXP Dovada (poza, demo, video youtube): https://imgur.com/a/5eKZwll Alte informatii (optional): STEAM_0:0:787808373 of him
  3. Nume reclamant: titanic Nume reclamat: Troll master Motiv: laser lung Dovada (poza, demo, video youtube): Alte informatii (optional):
  4. Nick: .::TiTanic::. Functie: helper Motiv: i don't have time , i will back after a week or 2
  5. you said only bandit can give unban ?
  6. wait i will speak with him
  7. stop sayying contra i understand tap try say im kid again am nu 13 ani

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