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  1. ramane deschisa cereream,deoarece eu nu sunt lamurit in privinta acesteia Narcys te rog sa reanalizam,
  2. Acum ca serverul este trecut la oficiale,va rog sa alocati statutul de Manager CS 1.6 tuturor celor cu acces pe categoria mea https://www.indungi.ro/forum/forum/32885-clasic-cs/
  3. Specify ? un id de skype ceva ai ?

  4. te rog adaugare manager full userilor : https://www.indungi.ro/forum/profile/347811-uni/ https://www.indungi.ro/forum/profile/347518-crash™/ fara delete,ambele pe categoria https://www.indungi.ro/forum/forum/32885-clasic-cs/
  5. imi permit sa intervin,avand un deosebit respect pentru grd_ady,o persoana cu mult bun simt si respect,pe care eu am gasit-o in acest staff dinainte sa fac eu parte ,aici discutand de peste 7-8ani Dupa cum puteti observa,Ady are la randul lui un limbaj foarte frumos,asa ca am rugamintea sa tratatati cu respect aceasta cerere. De aceea doresc sa consider aceasta intamplare,acest incident,ca fiind unul izolat si doresc ca pe viitor sa nu se mai intample astfel de de lucruri. Am rugamintea spre toata lumea,sa foloeasca un limbaj si o atitudine cat mai frumoasa,atat pe server cat si pe forum,fie ca e vorba de o persoana cu respect fie ca e vorba de una fara scrupule,important e ca noi sa dam dovada de maturitate si sa respectam toate persoanele,prin asta dand dovada ca ne respectam noi pe noi insine ! Pentru cererile de Nume rezervat nu se ACORDA PRO/CONTRA ! t/c grija mai mare pe viitoare cum tratati astfel de evenimente
  6. Daca doriti sa ajutati/contribuiti la mentinerea serverul asta cum e,puteti lasa un reply aici sa va las un cont bancar sau un paypal....
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. EN : Counter-Strike-Deleted-Scenes-icon.pngRegulator Admins CS.INDUNGI.ROCounter-Strike-Deleted-Scenes-icon.png Only the following crimes are being sanctioned: 1. Use of cheats, hacks, scripts, anti smoke, anti-flash, no-recoil. 2. Jigniri / vulgar language repeatedly and / or serious swearing to the admins 3. Use ESL models targeting AWP, modifying dlls from installed cstrike folders! rules: LARGE ATTENTION: THE SERVER DOES NOT USE WARGOD THERE IS NOT WANTED AND WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED BY WG IN THE DECISIONS. Do not abuse access received and make no difference, the regulation is for everyone, regardless of the degree of kinship, friends, girlfriend, beloved, loved and so on! Do not ban without proof! Do not use any other admins without the permission of a Founder. Do not use gen commands: amx_map; amx_votemap between 24:00 and 10:00, during these hours DUST2 ONLY is played! Between 00:00 and 11:00 hours the maps will be 0 minutes and the maps that will run on the server during this time period will be: Dust 2 - Inferno (alternatively, depending on the traffic of the server at that time) Do not use inappropriate language for players, if you have a more "colorful" language, you only need to use it on the limit chat or use the psay option. The admin function is an obligation, not a privilege! You have an obligation to behave in an exemplary manner to other players who ask for advice / suggestions / requests. Keep a model language to the limit of common sense! Do not vote for the maps that have been previously. Use the command / maps in say to see the last 5 previous maps! At a possible unban / claim, you have a maximum of 24 hours to provide proof. (snapshot in-game / console / demo). If the proof is not presented, the player will receive Unban and the warning or downgrade admin! The administrator is required to keep proof for at least 7 days! In a complaint you only post those involved + server management (Founders / Managers / Owners)! It is forbidden to borrow or use access by someone other than the current owner! Any deviation from this rule will directly lead to the removal of the access! Do not abuse and do not use your own commands: amx_say / amx_tsay / amx_csay. These commands are used to announce the ss / demo / last round link, etc. When you enter the server you play with the nickname you have the admin, otherwise you will be sanctioned! Respect yourself, avoid the quarrel on say or amx_chat, if someone has wrong, try explaining the diplomat, beautiful, in a civilized manner, without having a higher tone! If you have problems and you will be missing out on the server for more than 7 days you have the obligation to announce the forum in the Absentee Requests section! Do not give bangs on the ip class !! Only if it is ABSOLUTELY necessary, and the ban will be 120 minutes or more Who will be caught betting an IP class on "permanent" time will be severely punished until removed! When staying viewers use the amx_spectate command. UPs & Downs will only be determined by Founders / Co-Founders / Managers! All administrators are required to have a similar name on both the forum and the server to avoid some confusion or to place a specific signature on the forum! Both players and administrators are not allowed to make a monitor or to tell TS3 / Skype / etc the position of the other players from the opposing team. If that player has demo made and posted, this excuse will not be accepted! When you bust someone, go for a clear reason (wall / aim / speed / language, etc.)! They will sanction reasons such as: pa, out, sal, injuries, etc. If a Founder or Owner is involved in a complaint, an authority to resolve the issue will be notified. For the admin request the answer to the question 'Have you read the regulations? Is the keyword: "CS.INDUNGI.RO" When claiming a coded server, you have to notify the player through psay that you check the suspect!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. bai ce dastea urate la cate unii...doamne=)) astea nu se mai fac din 2010 sincer...no ofense dar lasati timpul sa dovedeasca cat de bun e omul
  11. @kRn* a primit remove + banip datorita injuriilor si limbajului urat la adresa serverului lui Specify ,cuvinte foarte dure.. Avand in vedere,ca in urma plecarii lui Blackside din functia de Co-Founder,automat s-a eliberat un loc,cu niste criterii pe care @Jhonatello le-a indeplinit cu procentul cel mai mare fata de multi altii. activitatii intense atat pe server cat si pe forum implicari financiare repetate ! In urma acestora am stabilit Promovarea lui Jhonatelo la gradul de Co-Founder ! Sa ai grija de grad,Succes !

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