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  1. Hello im from iran unfortunately i can not speak romania i do hope reader of this topic speak or do understand some english nick : +MARS/NOCLIP ip : administrator complained : ivan [;x] day, hour, map : 2/19/2019, 3:50AM-4:11AM, de_dust2 evidence : screenshot so i have to begin by asking ct's can't rush in de_dust2? is that part of the server rules? after killing admin "ivan [;x]" i got slain by him and he transferred me to t side i did ask him why did he do that he respond "no rush" and when i did asked him "why no rush?" he just kicked me out of server. anyway didn't dare to get back to server because he probably would've banned me :D so is this part of the rules or is it ivan's rules? because i have been rushed by ct when i was t , several times and they didn't get punished for that :D

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