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  1. Developer Studio MDHR has announced that the long-in-development The Delicious Last Course DLC for hard-as-nails platfomer Cuphead isn't going to make its intended release of this year, in part due to challenges faced during the ongoing global pandemic. In a statement posted to the Studio MDHR Twitter account, co-founders Chad and Jared Moldenhauer said "In true Studio MDHR fashion, we aren’t content for this final chapter to be anything less than our best work. Throughout development, we’ve challenged ourselves to put everything we learned from making Cuphead into the quality of The Delicious Last Course‘s animation, design, and music." "Meeting this standard has been extremely challenging for us amid the global pandemic that has affected so many our fellow developers," they continued. "Rather than compromise on our vision in response to COVID, we’ve made the difficult decision to push back the release of The Delicious Last Course until we are confident it will delight the Cuphead community of the way we feel it should. Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course was originally hoping to release in 2019 when it was first announced three summers ago before being delayed into 2020 prior to this latest setback, though of course its parent game Cuphead also went through a pretty lengthy gestation period, being revealed all the way back in 2014 before it emerged in 2017 and solidified itself as a bonafide smash hit, selling five million copies by its second anniversary and even getting an order for a Netflix series. Hopefully that's a good indication it'll be worth the wait when Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course lands (hopefully) in 2021. Source:VideoGamer
  2. Ubisoft has announced that it's delaying the release of Watch Dogs: Legion's planned online multiplayer modes from their originally intended December launch into early 2021. As per the announcement on the game's official blog, the company said: "As part of our commitment to fixing the game’s issues, we’ve decided to delay the Online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion to early 2021. This will allow us to focus on fixing issues with single player, and it will give us more time to test the Online experience to help ensure a smooth launch of the mode." In the meantime, a title update —2.20—has been pushed to all formats, in order to fix issues such as long load times when exiting to the main menu, losing progress during Borough Uprising missions and a nasty issue that saw save games getting corrupted to name a few points. You can check out the patch notes for that update over here on the Ubisoft forums. Watch Dogs: Legion's multiplayer modes, when they arrive, will take place in a "dedicated sandbox" with an "evolved" version of the series' previous Invasion mechanic. No more specific details on when it'll arrive outside of that "early 2021" window, but hopefully it won't be too far behind. Watch Dogs: Legion is out now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC and you can read what we made of the game in Josh's review right over here. Source:VideoGamer
  3. PlayStation has announced the games on offer for subscribers to PlayStation Plus members for the month of December, and yes there's another for the PlayStation 5 as well. The headline is the latest Worms game from Team 17, Worms Rumble will be landing on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 to offer 32 player cross-platform multiplayer shenanigans, and will be joined by EA's smaller scale 3v3 arena shooter Rocket Arena. Finally, we'll get to pelt around in our wingsuits as Rico in Just Cause 4. All three will be available from December 1 through until January 4, 2021. If that wasn't enough, as per the annoucement on the PlayStation blog there'll also be a free online multiplayer weekend that unlocks multiplayer for those who don't have an active PlayStation Plus subscription between December 19 and December 20 in the games Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Grand Theft Auto V and FIFA 21. All you need is a copy of the game, and you'll be set. Source:VideoGamer
  4. 4A Games has announced that they're working on an Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 release of post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus with the hope to release the game next year. While light on specific details the announcement came as part of an open letter from the studio to its fans, and noted the upgraded versions will offer faster frame rates, increased resolutions, reduced loading times and Ray Tracing. The updates will also be offered as a free upgrade to all existing owners of the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The update also noted that it's been ten years since the first Metro 2033 game released in 2010, and the studio's been fairly quiet since it was taken under the wing of Saber Interactive following its purchase by Embracer Group earlier this year. The studio confirmed it was working on a new Metro game—something we first caught wind of last year— but also said that, thanks in part to working with Saber, they were now "exploring multiplayer concepts" although stopped short of confirming whether multiplayer will feature in the next game. Finally, 4A also confirmed that it was still working on a brand new IP—which we found out during THQ Nordic's financials last year—confirming that they were hiring for "Another new AAA experience that can sit alongside the Metro series." The studio closed by thanking all its fans for their support over the past five years, and also gave us a video celebrating the timeline of the Metro series, which you can see below. Metro Exodus' Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions and their respective upgrade patches are aiming to launch at some point in 2021. You can check our review of the original game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC right over here. Source:VideoGamer
  5. Nintendo has announced that online services for the Wii U's original Super Mario Maker will be discontinued from March 31 of next year, meaning players will no longer be able to upload courses to the popular creation title. As per the announcement on the official Nintendo website, players will also no longer be able to update the ranking of liked courses or look up bookmarked courses after the services are shuttered and the Mario Maker Bookmark website is also closed. Ahead of that date the game will be removed from sale from the Nintendo eShop on January 13, 2021, although it will still be available to download for those who already own the game. In the message, Nintendo thanked fans for supporting the game over the past five years and also noted that all services for Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch will not be effected. The original game was a bit of a late hit on release for the Wii U back in 2015, with over a million courses uploaded in the first week alone. Super Mario Maker 2 released for Nintendo Switch last year and was one of the console's biggest hits of 2019. Source:VideoGamer
  6. Rebellion has released a new trailer for upcoming supervillian management sim Evil Genius 2: World Domination that also reveals famed actor Brian Blessed is set to voice the role of one of the game's playable Evil Geniuses, Red Ivan. There'll be four specifc Evil Geniuses to play as in the final game, each offering their own own campaign, story and unique Doomsday Device as well as playstyle and abilities. Red Ivan's lairs will focus heavily on might and guns, with plenty of armed guards ready to deal with do-gooders. Zalika meanwhile will be centered more on science, for those who like to have the edge in research. Emma meanwhile is all about Deception. As a former spymaster, playing as her will see you put more focus into espionage and works more closely with her Henchmen to get results. Finally Maximillan returns from the first game, who's a bit of an all-rounder and is good at generating gold to help get your base off to the best start financially. The game currently doesn't have a solid release date outside of a vague '2021' window, having been delayed out of a release this year due to the challenges of remote working as a result of the global pandemic. When it does, however, Evil Genius 2: World Domination is set to launch on PC. Check out Red Ivan's gameplay trailer for yourself below. Source:VideoGamer
  7. Polish developer Bloober Team has released a new trailer for upcoming supernatural horror The Medium, showing off a brand new character. Details on this new character are being kept largely under wraps at the moment, with the studio deliberately keeping their name under wraps, although it's certainly implied from this trailer and the description that previously-revealed villain The Maw may not be the only bloodthirsty monster. One thing we do know is that their appearance is based on Polish actor Marcin Dorociński, who is currently featuring in Netflix chess drama, The Queen's Gambit. The Medium was originally set for release in December before being pushed to next year due to the "current schedule of other games on the market" (likely Cyberpunk 2077). The game will now launch on January 28 on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Source:VideoGamer
  8. Ubisoft has detailed the next-generation improvements coming to multiplayer squad shooter Rainbow Six Siege when it releases its Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 update coming along on December 1. As per the blog post, the upgraded game will offer two new modes - Performance Mode which targets a whopping 120FPS with Dynamic 4K resolution scaling on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, with the same framerate at 1080p for Xbox Series S. Resolution mode meanwhile targets 60FPS at a solid 4K resolution on the PS5 and XSX with 60FPS and 1728p resolution on the XSS. As for console specific features, Xbox Series X|S consoles will enjoy Quick Resume, while PlayStation 5 owners get Dual Sense features such as haptic feedback, adapative triggers and controller sound and Activities integration for Ranked, Unranked, Newcomer, Quick Match and Events. Those coming across from Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be pleased to find all their progression and in-game items, as they'll transition over within the same family thanks to Ubisoft Connect, and you'll be able to play with people across the generations. Alas, at the current time, cross-play between PC and consoles or consoles from different families (ie: Xbox to PlayStation) will not be possible, although the team promises they are "exploring the possibilities" for the future. Rainbow Six Siege's next-gen patch lands on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 from December 1 —check out a trailer for the new features for yourself below. Source:VideoGamer
  9. Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be getting a crossover event with the upcoming Monster Hunter movie to mark its release next month. The event will see movie main character Artemis introduced into the game, by way of a two quest single player mini-campaign with actress Milla Jovovich providing the likeness and even recording dialogue for her appearance in the game. The first quest —The New World— will take place in Wildspire Waste for Master Rank 1 Hunters and above, and will challenge you to defeat a Black Diablos based on the one seen in the movie (and its accompanying trailers.) Quest two, entitled 'To Our World' requires completion of the previous quest—again, Master Rank 1 is required—will require you to slay a Rathalos in the Ancient Forest. Completing each quest will net you an Artemis Alpha+ armour set and a Artemis Layered Armour Set. Complete both and you'll also get a new Guild Card background, titles and poses all based on the movie. The event goes live on December 4 and will be available in game for a full calendar year until December 2, 2021 in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The Monster Hunter movie meanwhile will land in cinemas this Christmas. Source:VideoGamer
  10. It's not often a technical issue in an online game results in good news for players, but that's exactly what happened with Fallout 76 last night as it's wound up with new expansion Steel Dawn being released a week earlier than it was originally planned. As announced on the game's official blog, an unspecified error resulted in Xbox players finding they could download the expansion ahead of schedule. However, when investigating ways to try and fix it, developer Bethesda Game Studios ended up coming to the conclusion that it was better to keep the update live, saying "through our discussions, the entire BGS team felt confident that Steel Dawn is ready to go." As a result, the Steel Dawn update was launched early on all platforms last night after a brief period of downtime, bringing The Brotherhood of Steel, an all new-questline, underground C.A.M.P. shelters and much more to Fallout 76. You can take a look at the full patch notes for yourself here. Steel Dawn is available now as a free update for all players of Fallout 76 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Source:VideoGamer
  11. Your forum name: -Criss- Your 1 pick: A4 Your 2 pick: C5 Your 3 pick: D2

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