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  1. 1.Your Nick: zmecs. 2.Your Grad: Leader 3.Reason for Absente: Work and University 4.Other Details: I really don't have time for cs these days so I will take a break, I can barely play in week-ends, not even then. Maybe I'll be back in 2 weeks or 3 because I work from 16 to 00, and I have Uni in the mornings so there is no time for me to play even 10-20 minutes. Thanks!
  2. "În al doilea rând se vede ca ai ceva personal cu el si ca il provoci." Propun să se verifice log urile si sa se vada acolo daca până la momentul ăla i-am scris ceva, si te rog nu mă lua cu chestii de genul pentru ca tot in log uri se poate verifica si cum ii spuneai "nightmare viața mea, ce faci?" așa că sa lăsăm ipocrizia si "tovărășia" la o parte si sa fim serioși.
  3. Demo-ul asta pe care l-ai urmărit era in prim plan facut pentru alt player, după cum vezi si numele este black.dem, doar că aici s-a văzut foarte clar cum campeaza, daca doresti si alte demo-uri in care campeaza pot sa revin cu un reply aici.
  4. So you're telling me that if I'm gonna insult him and he's gonna make a report about me I won't get -1, or at least an warn? Let's be serious, I brought all the evidence but of course, just because he donated this is gonna be rejected.
  5. I don't think that you're camping, literally everyone knows that, even the ordinary players. So, don't tell me that I use something against you, because I have the snapshot when you said that if you want you can speak with Manel so she can remove me. You literally have no evidence, only words. But again, I know that they won't do anything to you just because you donated, ROFL. What has the world become. And yeah, as you said, she can check the log, you're just not a good admin, and that's all.
  6. 1.Your Nick:zmecs. 2.The complainant's nick:Nightmare 3.Date and time:08.04.2021 4.Reason for complaint: he's camping all the time and insults. 5.Proof (accept only print to console / demo /snapshot): http://www.girlshare.ro/3770033163.6 (you can see in this demo too that he's camping) https://imgur.com/xvUI9X4 - he's telling me if I want remove because I told him that I'm gonna make a report about him, saying that he's gonna speak with you, Manela. https://imgur.com/s0FtFB1 - I asked him if he knows what a wise guy do. Because me and Chesshire saw him camping and
  7. 1.Nume Admin: zmecs. 2. Nume codat: ABN Palestine 3. Ip: 4. SteamID: STEAM_2:1:874091486 5. Data: 08.04.2021 6. Motiv: he presented wargods: knifebot 7. Dovada(demo/ss): ABN Palestine - Report 2213315 | WarGods Cheat Defender Here you have the demo: http://www.girlshare.ro/3770033103.1
  8. Finally! I told that to at least 4-5 admins, and they said that last can tb or camp. Told them so many times, I hope they read this!
  9. I'll give him a PRO even though it is only 1 week since he did the last request. He's active on the server and he's doing his job.
  10. 1.Nume Admin: zmecs. 2. Nume codat: maresalu 3. Ip: 4. SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1287451319 5. Data: 07.04.2021 6. Motiv: neprezentare ss
  11. 1.Nume Admin: zmecs. 2. Nume codat: Laith *^ 3. Ip: 4. SteamID: STEAM_1:1:105393626 5. Data: 05.04.2021 6. Motiv: no wg 7. Dovada(demo/ss): Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  12. Cum să nu meargă wg? Momentan nu mă pot pronunța, te știu destul de activ pe server și că joci ok, de asta nu mă arunc să îți dau contra pentru că n-ai prezentat wg. Aștept părerea celorlalți.
  13. Servercs.tk : 221 Topg.org : Voted Cssetti : 552 Pserverspy : Not working

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