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  1. For the fourth mini game organized by the International team, you have to look at the video below, and from this video I extracted a word. All you have to do is guess this word. I wish you all good luck! You have to choose the right word from the video between 1:25 - 1:35 sequence! Model Your forum name: The Word extracted: EX Your forum name: Alex xD The Word extracted: movie [Q] What will you be rewarded for? [A] You will be placed on the list of winners, at 5 won mini-games you will be awarded with and at the 10 won mini games you will get. For this mini-game, you will get 2 points. For more details, you can send me a PM ! Tag Interests: @Roxanne. / @LuffY king of sea / @AuthmE / @Roxy. / @bob patrusapte / @teroristul22 / @Atte Lee / @Dany- / @mHd™ / @007 ✔ / @Jaxi
  2. Acceptat . @xBilly modifica te rog. Mersi. Locked.
  3. De ce mai scrii după ce a zis billy deja respins?
  4. Your forum name: Alex xD Your 1 pick: B1 Your 2 pick: B2 Your 3 pick: B3
  5. Hello everyone, the third edition of the contest "Find the Word" ended. Winners are nominated below. @LuffY king of sea - The Word Extracted : Professors ( 2 points ) https://imgur.com/a/rhGwdvR See ya next edition.
  6. Respins, activitatea unde e? Treaba ti-o faci, dar pentru up nu mai merge cu una cu două.
  7. Sa "ei" si tu o carte de limba si literatura romana si s-o citesti! Locked.
  8. Acceptat. @xBilly aloca-i gradul pe server, nu sunt acasa. Locked.
  9. Your forum name: Alex xD Your 1 pick: D1 Your 2 pick: D2 Your 3 pick: D3

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