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Found 1 result

  1. COD Mobile is a game that has won many players in competition, so i decided to make a championship with a prize for the winner. - Informations - There will be two game modes, 1vs1 and 2vs2 All matches will be monitored by observers and organizers of the tournament The maps and game modes are pre-chosen by the main organizer (me) Maximum number of participants for 2vs2 is 3 players (2 main and 1 reserve) Game mode will be Multiplayer Battle Royale is out of the competition All players have a private room on the discord for their team (for 2vs2) It's obligatory the presence on discord in the game schedule, The team or player that is not online at the time of the match will be disqualified. W.O Maximum of 16 participants and 8 teams - Subscription Model - 1vs1: UID/Nickname: Country: 2vs2: Team Name: Team UID/Nicknames: Reserve: Country: Exemple of answer: UID/Nickname: Joosh (6755169326104503297) Country: Brazil Team Name: Brazilians Team UID/Nicknames: Joosh / Marisson (6755169326104503297) - (540916932656467297) Reserve: Dont have Country: Brazil RULES: All maps in find and destroy mode and GULAG will be played, Find and Destroy for (2vs2) | GULAG for (1vs1) All armaments that the game offers can be used. Forbidden and permitted armaments and scoring series: Forbidden: Bazooka, Mina, Alert, deadly silence. Allowed weapons: Common, uncommon, rare Forbidden weapons, epic, legendary 1 sniper per team This is a topic for registration, all information will be sent in another topic. Remembering that, you can sign up for 1vs1 or 2vs2 or for both, no problem. The prize will be 10 Euros for 1vs1 # 1st and 20 Euros for 2vs2 # 1st Special award winner of the competition, All participating members will win a participation award. Winner: Participants: There will be a ranking table by the changelog website, it will be made available in the next topic. [more info in the next topic] Good Luck, see you later.

Despre noi

Suntem o comunitate aparuta in anul 2010 ce are ca scop sa prezinte si sa aduca in calculatoarele voastre socializare, competitie, public si foarte multa actiune. Alatura-te celor 200.000 de membri iar impreuna vom dezvolta cat mai mult termenul de 'comunitate'

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