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Unban sKw [UNBANNED]

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  • Nickname utilizat: sKw
  • Nickname acuzat: sKw
  • IP-ul dumneavoastra(obligatoriu celor cu ip static, in cazul banarii)
  • SteamID(numeric): http://tinyurl.com/unban-official2
  • Data & ora: 16.05.2019 , in jur de ora 15
  • Alti admini prezenti pe server in acel moment?:  jnp 
  • Motiv ban(in cazul primirii unui ban): wall
  • Dovada(obligatorie, Print Screen Consola) 
  • Sunteti la prima reclamatie?(daca nu, la a cata?): Da , sunt noua pe srv
  • Adminul Draago nu mi.a facut nici un ss nici test wg nimic , astept si eu demo sa vad wall„ul :)

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