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Spot the difference #8 [ 14.12 - 19.12 ]

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Season II ~ Game #8


~ The event consists of you finding as many differences as you can between the two images

~ Then,you download the images,circle the differnces and post it here


>> Maximum of 1 post per member <<

>> All forum rules apply (double-post / post-hunt) <<
>> Forbidden to edit the post <<


Number of differences:
The differences are(paste image): 


Have fun,

Mini-Games Team.

Pay attention and try finding the differences :



TAGS: *If you wanna be added/removed from tags PM me*

@CatalinaD / @Mr.JoJo. ❄️ / @LuffY king of sea / @capsunica / @-Criss- / @Awesome / @Cristina / @Apex / @Joosh. ▲ / @Yuuki- / @Ash Sorin / @teroristul22 / @Gabriel:> / @✕ Matei ✕ / @Gabi Power ★ / @'victor / @Harian / @JokerISHere / @ChillGirl / @Maxwell'' / @Tweedle / @★Cosmina★ / @it's my world / @maddaliN / @Simonaq / @k1dz0rIDG / @Florina / @BoGdaN.™ / @OxyGeN 2K / @.Jackson. @乡BONZO / @frozeNNN xD @e l l a / @wintergfx / @CAFFREY ★ / @Dragonu' Ak47™ 

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Number of differences: 4
The differences are(paste image): 


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I have found 7 differences.




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There are a total of 7 differences between the images.

Winners :  @Mr.JoJo. ❄️ / @BoGdaN.™ / @Awesome / @ғʀᴏᴢᴇNNN xᴅ

Congrats to the winners and good luck next time everyone ! 



The International Team will be on a winter break in the following period ~ 20.12.20 - 06.01.21 ~ after which we will return to our normal activity.

 We wish you all Merry Christmas,and remember to stay safe ~


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