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TV Show Popularity Contest [#3]

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Hi Everybody!


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Welcome to TV Show Popularity Contest [#3]. Let's choose the best TV SHOW.


There are 2 STAGES. In Stage 1 we have 10 battles. There Winners of each battle will compete in Stage 2.

You need to make your answer clear or just name the serial you like more.

If you don't know neither of them its fine, you can choose one just by looking at the cover battle.

The Battles are choosed randomly from the list below.

There will be 3 Winners which will accumulate the most points. (Steam Rondom Gift+30 Days Premium / 10,000 Tokens / 5000 Tokens)


Let's start the contest!




ROUND 1 : The Originals VS Luke Cage


My vote is for Luke  Cage .




TAGS: *If you wanna be added/removed from tags PM me*

@CatalinaD / @Mr.JoJo. ❄️ / @LuffY king of sea / @capsunica / @-Criss- / @Awesome / @Cristina / @Apex / @Joosh. ▲ / @Yuuki- / @Ash Sorin / @teroristul22 / @Gabriel:> / @✕ Matei ✕ / @Gabi Power ★ / @'victor / @Harian / @JokerISHere / @ChillGirl / @Maxwell'' / @Tweedle / @★Cosmina★ / @it's my world / @maddaliN / @Simonaq @Florina / @BoGdaN.™ / @OxyGeN 2K / @.Jackson. @乡BONZO / @frozeNNN xD @e l l a / @wintergfx / @CAFFREY ★ / @Dragonu' Ak47™ / @OrEoo ❄️ / @Hiroshima / @-BUBU- / @pulse.exe / @007 ✔ / @k1dz0rIDG / @BlueSman / @MihaiCr / @tysoNN. @BaLaMuK/@Alex xD @ Indungi/

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